WATCH: 4 Creative Women On Their Personal Style

In collaboration with Nobody Denim.

Fashion means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. At its core, it serves a functional purpose—we all have to get dressed each morning, after all. We all need a ‘nice dress’ for special events, presentable interview clothes, a good pair of jeans for the weekend, a coat for winter, etc. Fashion is also about self-expression—it’s how we communicate who we are to the world everyday.

At the risk of paraphrasing Miranda Priestly in Devil Wears Prada when she launches into a spiel about Andy’s lumpy blue sweater choice (a refresher here if you need it), we all make daily cognitive choices about what we want our clothes to say. We all develop our own signature style overtime, influenced by everything around us—our heritage and culture, our professions, the movies we watch, and the people we spend our time with.

At COH, we each have our own distinctive signature style, but the one commonality that links us all together is the desire to create a go-to uniform of sorts. Blazers, trousers, jeans, sneakers and good basics are all a must, which we then tweak with cute accessories, vintage statement pieces and jewellery.

We were interested to see how other creative women arrived at their own signature style, and the launch of Nobody denim’s Signature24/7 range seemed like the perfect time to chat about it with a few of our faves. After all, what speaks to your signature style more than a pair of your fave denim jeans? Nothing! Hence we took the only logical next step by inviting three of our favourites—Mimi Elashiry, Ellen Virgona and Talia Blank—to hang out with us in a studio for the day, and take all the fab new denim pieces out for a spin. While they did their thang (dancing, taking nostalgic film photos, and making beautiful art), we asked them all about the origins of their signature style—both in terms of the clothes they wear, and the art they make.

Do yourself a favour, and watch the video series we made below!

Talia Blank, Artist

Mimi Elashiry, Dancer

Mimi wears Cult Skinny Ankle Blackout

Ellen Virgona, Photographer

Ellen wears Cult Skinny Ankle Powerblk

Carmen Hamilton, Director

Carmen wears Cult Skinny Ankle Rebel


Talent: Talia Blank, Ellen Virgona, Mimi Elashiry, Carmen Hamilton
Director: Carmen Hamilton of CHRONICLES OF HER
Cinematographer: Cloudy Rhodes
Assistant DOP: John Gatliff
H&MUA: Corrina Wilmshurst
Set design: Marshal Keen
Assistants: Madeleine Woon, Georgie Wood-Weber, Jai Kaldor, Olive Dalton
*Shot in collaboration with Nobody Denim for their Signature24/7 campaign.