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This Gigi-Approved Backpack Is ‘It’ Right Now

Fact: old school = the new cool.

If we’re shopping, we have two main requirements: pretty, and practical.

We believe in investing in pieces that you’ll live in, because there’s nothing more annoying than watching that velvet suit collect dust on the shelf when you’ve sacrificed your life savings just to have them.

Anyway, Gigi showed her latest collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger in Venice Beach last week and it’s got us in a nostalgic mood (see Carmen wearing her favourite tee from the collection in LA, here).

This badged-up denim backpack brings the old-school cool to any outfit.

Think of it as an additional denim wardrobe staple that you can wear with anything.

It’s the perfect addition to your NY-inspired wardrobe, and, if it’s good enough for Gigi, it’s good enough for us.

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