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This Mousse = Instant Second Day Texture

It makes my hair sit exactly how I want it to.

Wanna skip that post-wash fluffiness, straight to, slept-on beachy waves and smooth hair with texture and volume? ME TOO.

I’ve tried salt spray, texture powders, my boyfriend’s hair wax – everything! But they all seem to leave my hair feeling a little too stick or crispy and I end up having to wash it again a day later.

This mousse from TRESemmé is a game-changer. It gives my freshly-washed hair with bouncy texture but still with that fresh-outta-salon smoothness… mmm lux.

It secured a spot in my everyday hair routine for this exact reason, but I’ve also found four different ways to use it to achieve different looks.

ONE: a substantial amount to push back wet hair for an androgynous/chic and sleek ‘wet’ look. Looks cool with a black skivvy and big earrings.

TWO: a small pump, rubbed together in my hands and teased through the ends to create texture (see how it’s done here). This is my signature look to wear with my everyday wardrobe.

THREE: brush through wet hair to coat from roots to ends, scrunch up with your hands and leave to dry naturally. This creates a kind of semi-wet look/just-jumped-out-of-the-ocean beachy vibe. This look goes best with your everyday basics because you’ll look effortlessly French.

FOUR: a generous amount on wet hair and then blow-dried for a more classic, salon vibe. This is my go-to for big work events to compliment a dressy outfit.

Get your hands (and hair!) on some below.



Full Volume Mousse