Is Le Labo’s Shampoo And Conditioner Worth The Hype?

le labo shampoo and conditioner

They're certainly very Instagram-friendly.

When people hear the word ‘Heaven’, their minds generally drift to pearly white gates, doves, a sea of halos, and luminous beams of light guiding them to their new (after) life that exists entirely atop a bed of clouds. In these imaginings, St Peter is probably there taking roll call and there’s almost certainly a flock of angels remixing your favourite earthly tune on the harp. My abstraction of Heaven, while just as dreamy, looks rather different. Instead of a cloud bed, my Nirvana takes place in a giant, pastel-saturated bathroom. Byredo Bal d’Afrique emanates through the air ducts, Drake is there to personally serenade me, and I have an infinite supply of Le Labo shampoo and conditioner on hand. In (herbal) essence, Heaven sees me starring in my very own 90s shampoo ad and it is L-I-T.

For the uninitiated, the olfactory experts at Le Labo recently made the foray into hair products, and my Instagram feed, hair, bathroom shelves, and dreams of the after life are all the better for it. While I was initially skeptical that the products would live up to their cult fragrance (ILY Santal 33), I can hand-on-heart confirm that their shampoo and conditioner both live up to the hype. To start with, their packaging single-handedly proves the theory ‘less is more’ right. Chic and minimalist, they might just be the most Instagrammable shampoo and conditioner duo our eyeballs have ever had the pleasure of meeting. 

The combined ingredients come together to create a duo that is as nourishing for your hair as a six week yoga bender in the hills of Bali is for your soul. Plant-based and vegan, the formula won’t weigh down your hair (or your conscience). Instead, with natural ingredients like macadamia, rosemary leaf, rice extract, avocado, and coconut oil, they will work together to strengthen and soften your hair (as they did mine). 

No Le Labo product review would be complete without a nod to its ~heavenly~ smell. Much like Le Labo’s inimitable Santal 33, the scent (inspired by Japanese Hinoki cypress) will stick around long after you use it. Since incorporating these lil’ beauties into my routine, my bathroom has never not smelt like a crisp, fresh spring morning. My housemate can vouch for that!

So, to answer my own self-proposed question: yes, Le Labo’s shampoo and conditioner definitely live up to the hype!

You can buy them here and here.

Words, @madw0n