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This Hair Oil Has Changed My Frizzy Life

And it's literally and metaphorically therapeutic!

I’ve never resonated more with Friends than the time Monica’s hair was so frizzy she had to get a full head of braids.

I’ve ACTUALLY done that.

But all my death-to-frizz dreams have recently come true because I’ve just started using this organic hair oil by Carelli.

You can use a few pumps as pre-shampoo and overnight treatments or a small drop everyday for frizz control.

It smells like a massage at a spa, tames my fly-a-ways and split ends without looking and feeling greasy, plus it basically makes me feel like a sleek/chic beauty queen.

I’ve also been using and would highly recommend the shampoo – it has mint in the ingredients which works wonders on a dry scalp.

Get yours below and let me know your thoughts or tell us what you do to tame frizzy hair – we love hearing from you!

Words: @lainyblack

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