Introducing The Only Jeans You’ll Ever Want To Wear Again

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As adventurous as I’d like to think I am when it comes to dressing, nothing makes me happier than finding the perfect pair of jeans. This is not an everyday occurrence, mind you. I’ve spent the better part of twenty six years hunting down jeans that fit like a glove (but that don’t feel like they’re squishing my organs together when I sit down), that don’t pucker at the buttons, that are made from denim that is neither too thick nor thin, and that sit somewhere between a mid and a high-rise. My searches, for the most part so far, have been crushingly fruitless. You can only imagine my elation then when Stevie Dance—undisputed master of the vintage jean/t-shirt combo—released her new denim label The Feel Studio Inc. (FEEL jeans, for short) onto the world.

The fashion stylist/photographer/designer has also been on an endless quest to find a pair of jeans that work for every occasion, especially since her busy schedule sees her having to confine her wardrobe into one small suitcase on the regular. “Jeans are all I wear, but I would have to pack several pairs of jeans for night, day and the plane, and that was so confusing,” she told the NY Times. “I wanted to be able to pack just the one.” Hear that, girl! As such, FEEL have spent the better part of four years designing the perfect pair of blue jeans that can be dressed down with a t-shirt and sneakers, or dressed up with a blouse, leather jacket and heels. Fit is the number one priority for FEEL jeans—the style comes in two different lengths, regular and tall, so you won’t have to be taking up hems anytime soon (or for the lucky long-legged among us, exposing your ankles to the elements). If you take a stroll through their interactive site, you will first notice a Fit Guide that launches into a series of 10 questions aimed at finding your best fit (my personal fave was: “We’re all friends here! How would you describe your figure really?” with options like ‘Bum heavy’ and ‘Hip heavy’ as answers). That’s the overall tone of the website: fun and incredibly thorough. All you online shopping pros will be delighted to know they also have testimonial videos from a wide-ranging number of women, to give you an idea of what they look like in action on every shape. See? Thorough! They are made locally in California from “durable, heritage weight denim”, and are “washed with 100% organic softeners and zero toxic chemicals.” Sustainable, flattering and versatile jeans created by a longstanding denim enthusiast who is as revered as much for her low-key style as she is her creative prowess? Sign. Me. Up.

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You can shop the jeans yourself here. Words, @madw0n