These 3 *Holy Grail* Products Saved My Dry Skin’s Life

Name a more hydrating trio... I'll wait.

If you’d asked my face a month ago how I treated it, the answer would be comparable to my current Uber rating. Not excellent, not bad. Well within the realms of what is considered socially acceptable, but definitely room for improvement. Posit the same question today, however, and it would be nothing but five stars ahead.

My face has no one to thank for this marked upswing in T.L.C but Dr. Barbara Sturm herself—our queen and dry skin saviour. The in-between months have historically been a terrible time for my skin. Little dry patches start to take up residency beneath my eyebrows, at the corner edges of my nose, and across my forehead, refusing to pack their bags and leave until the temperatures rise again. My lips love to live their most chapped life, my rosacea flares up (could be something to do with heightened wine/cheese consumption during the colder months, but this has not yet been confirmed*), and I’m too scared to set foot near foundation, lest it further exacerbate the likeness between my poor, dehydrated epidermis and the Sahara desert.

But now? My skin doesn’t seem to give a rats toosh that the weather is out to wreak havoc on it, because it’s too busy glowing like the halo that sits atop Beyonce’s glorious head. Which brings me back to the aforementioned Dr. Barbara Sturm—a specialist in aesthetic medicine and molecular cosmetics, and firm believer in healing the skin with natural ingredients. When her cult products made their way into our office, I selflessly raised my hand to be the guinea pig to this glowing skin experiment (I know, I know, saintly behaviour).

The packaging was the first thing to win me over, with its promise to give my bathroom cabinets a much needed ‘science lab’ vibe update and my Instagram feed a chic minimalistic make under, and the next was the pile of celeb endorsements. Every dewy angel under the sun, from Kimmy K to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, backs the brand. Good enough for rich/famous people, good enough for humble ol’ me.

Let’s chat through the Molecular Cosmetics Hyaluronic Serum first, shall we? For those unfamiliar, Hyaluronic acid is a carbohydrate molecule that is naturally occurring in our bodies. Ooo! It is extremely hydrating, and has an insane ability to retain moisture (1000 times its weight in water, FYI). Basically, it should be your BFF in the cooler months (but is also great after sun exposure and travel). I was assured when researching the product that it would help stave off dehydration wrinkles (of which I am starting to notice collect around my eyes). While it’s too early to tell if I am truly cheating the ageing process, the Hyaluronic Serum has plumped the heck right out of my skin and it feels très luxurious going onto the skin. A reduction in the appearance of fine lines was noted.

Next up is the face cream of your wildest dreams. The Dr. Barbara Sturm Face Cream works on a cellular level (god, that was fun to type!), and is the perfect balance between ‘too light’ and ‘too heavy’ on the skin. My face would drink it for the rest of its life, if it could. The scent is fresh and subdued, and I found it to be more nourishing for my skin than your local organic cafe claims their acai bowl is for the soul. Very.

ICYMI, face masking is my favourite hobby. And after using the Dr. Barbara Sturm Face Mask? I feel like a silky smooth princess every single time I use it. I found its magic, lifestyle-defying properties to be especially useful after nights spent treating my body like a nightclub (Or, as it’s more commonly referred to, ‘TGIF’). Apply for 10-15 minutes, kick back knowing that it’s busy hydrating and calming your skin, then wash it off and get ready to greet a plump new you in the mirror.

For the sake of transparency, I will admit that I was a bit apprehensive about replenishing my stock of the three holy grail prodz, given that the price point sits (quite) a bit higher than what I would usually go for. But, then I conferred with my face—which hasn’t made contact with foundation since purchasing, because of how ~radiant~ it looks naturally—and it reminded me that it’s well worth the dosh. It should also be noted that while this may appear as a sponsored post, it isn’t—I’m just a sucker for dewy, glowing skin!

Treat yo’ dry, flakey in-between season skin to the holy grail serum, face cream and face mask, here and here and here.

*This has most definitely been confirmed. By two dermatologists.

Words, @madw0n