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Bella Hadid’s New Favourite Sunglasses

Oh, and Gigi has them too!

This one time in Paris, we met the latest cool kids on the block, Roberi & Fraud.

They make the ‘illest’ sunglasses (plus, they are the sweetest/most chill guys ever + fans of the Gold Coast!).

The night before our hangout with them, they threw a dinner party for the likes of Anna Ewers and Hanne Gaby Odiele (all wearing their R&F sunnies) so let’s just say this brand is one to watch.

Fast forward to now and Bella, Gigi, Kendall and yuh know, CHRONICLES OF HER are wearing them 24/7.

The current collection has 11 styles, each one as cool as the next and extra affordable too. The CHRONICLES and Hadid favourite is Doris.

For a chic, Parisian vibe wear them with your hair up, the necklaces you live in and a white blouse or black skivvy. Hair down with a tee works for a more bohemian look or pair with a choker for a 90s vibe.

Pre-order yours fast. We sense a sellout.

By @lainyblack

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You be Kendall, I'll be Bella and we'll both wear Doris.

Roberi & Fraud