Top 5 Vacation Spots For You And Your Bestie

And what to wear while you're there!

The anticipation of holidays, for me, is almost as good as the act itself—especially when you’ve got your BFF in tow. Exchanging hotels/airbnbs, plotting out road trips, planning your vaccay wardrobe vibe (and a few matching outfits, for good measure), picking out novels set in the place you are travelling to (just me?), and researching cute coffee shops, vintage stores, bars and neighbourhoods to get lost in together. ‘Organised’ is never a word I’d use to describe myself in real life, but when it comes to holiday planning mode, I’m as meticulous as they come.

Vacationing with your best gal pals never goes out of style. My mum and her group of school friends are a shining example of this. As most people do, they fell out of touch over the thirty or so years succeeding high school—thanks to partners, moving town, children (soz!), and demanding careers—but recently they’ve decided to stoke the friendship flame. Each year, they pick a coastal destination in Australia, kiss their lives goodbye for four blissful days, and soak up each others awesomeness over many, many rounds of margaritas. The first time mum came back from one such trip, it was the happiest I’d seen her in ages.

That’s not to say you should wait thirty years to book in a vaccay with your bestie(/s), though. Quite the contrary. The sooner the better, I always say (much to the chagrin of my credit card).

While travelling with fam or a s/o is a guaranteed good time, there’s something undeniably magic about sharing some mmrs with your best gal pals. Below, the top 5 vacation spots with your name on it…

Positano/Sicily, Italy

Can someone PLEASE book me (and my best friends) flights to Italy, yesterday? You and your besties will *die* in Sicily—the food, the coastline, the buttloads of Aperol spritzes. It’s all your holiday dreams come true, and then some. Also, you simply must go to Positano. Heaven. On. Earth.

Where to go: For the most beautiful meal of your young life head to Grotta Palazzese (!) in Puglia (and have a dip and an aperol spritz at Cala Porto while you’re there), before continuing the culinary journey over at Da Adolfo beach club in Positana.

Pack: This Hunza G One-Piece

Tulum, Mexico

If beautiful blue water and cocktails is your vibe, then pack as many swimmers into your suitcase as is humanly possible, and head to Tulum in Mexico with your bestest mates.

Where to go: Coco Tulum Beach Club is great for a beachfront cocktail, the Tulum ruins are a fun lil’ history lesson (tip: hire a bike and ride there), Casa Jaguar and Todos Santos are both perf options for an arvo tropical cocktail, and if you fancy a bite head to the Hartwood and Gitano.

Pack: These Ancient Greek Sandals.

Tokyo, Japan

I went to Japan with three of my besties at the end of 2016, and the trip will always go down as the top one funnest experiences of my life. Tokyo in particular. It’s so great, it’s almost overwhelming. The food, the people, the shopping, the nightlife, the crazy neon signs. Literally everything about it is the best. You won’t love Japan, you’ll be in love with it. Promise.

Where to go: The shopping on Cat Street will blow yo’ mind (also, head to Harajuku for !amazing! vintage), for coffee head to Onibus coffee in Nakameguro (which is also a really cute neighbourhood to get lost in), and for some art, go to Mori Art Museum. For the best ramen, head to Ichiran Ramen in Shibuya, and for squishy (but amazing) bars and restaurants head to Sankaku Chitai or Nonbei Yokocho. My hot tip: pick a cute neighbourhood, hunt down a karaoke bar, and then spend the whole night there singing to strangers and drinking Japanese beer.

Pack: These Bassike jeans (comfy enough to wear every day).

Paris, France

Sure, this is the city of love, but it’s also the city where vintage shops and many lush bars/restaurants await, and where friendship blossoms under the Eiffel Tower in the company of good cheese, and even better wine.

Where to go: Restaurant Godjo is an incredible Ethiopian restaurant, Parc des buttes-chaumont is such a beautiful park to hang out in the afternoon and bring a bottle of wine and picnic, Thanx God Im a VIP is a good curated vintage store, Louis Vuitton Foundation is a great contemporary art museum and an incredible building! For the best vintage Levi’s (Georgie, our creative assistant who is a Paris expert has bought TEN pairs of jeans there), head to The Vintage.

What to wear: this Atmos&Here check blazer.

Byron Bay, Australia

If you’re after a super chill trip, head to Byron Bay in Australia. It’s highly recommended you explore the hinterlands while there—ignore what TLC told you, there’s so many beautiful waterfalls to chase—so def hire a car for your stay. Minion Falls and Killen Falls are two of my fave waterfall walks!

Where to go: Roadhouse for coffee (a car or bike will be handy for this), check to see if there’s any live music at the Beach Hotel on the weekend to enjoy an arvo cider over, head to Bay Lane for every type of cuisine, pop to The Mez Club for happy hour and tapas, stroll through the farmer’s market on Thursday morning, head to Federal DOMA (after a hike) for the best Japanese this side of Tokyo, kick back over a spritz and a pizza at Treehouse, and then top it all off with a massage at Comma.

What to wear: This She Made Me crochet bikini.