According To Instagram, Matching With Your BFF Is Chic

Two is always better than one.

I’m guilty of ~twinning~ with my best friend, I’ll be real. At first, we would show up to work or nights out unintentionally wearing practically the same thing. Over time, people started catching on and noticing the reoccurring twinning, so we thought, Why not keep the people happy and buy exactly the same thing all of the time? Crazy? Maybe. But we’re constantly on the same page when it comes to fashion/life, and let’s be honest with ourselves, matching with your BFF is fun.

I am constantly inspired by my bestie, and her by me (or so I like to think). You know, the kind of friendship where you’re constantly thinking to yourself, Dayum, inspo, yo! I think this is also because I’m an appreciator—I like to see the different ways girls style themselves, and then work it in my own way.

If you’re ever thinking of twinning with your BFF, here are a couple of chic cuties we’ve previously posted on our feed that have given us that ‘dayum‘ factor. Because, two is better than one!

Vaccay Baybayyyy

matchy matchy made in heaven

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I personally have this photo saved in a ‘Holiday Outfits’ album on on my phone. It is a constant reminder for me to buy some chic linen pants (years later I still haven’t, although this summer is *the summer*, I’m feeling positive). These pants look perf paired with my all-time fave Bonds Chesty (bet you could have guessed that one), a couple of layered golden chainz and a trench coat as chic as a chicken (not really tho, more chic like our girl Jane B). Get me to the South of France or the Hamptons, stat.

Shoe us

Whoever said three is a crowd has clearly never met these shoes.

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Not into the whole matching outfit sorta thing? That’s cool, no dramas. How about some block-heeled pumps in different colours for you and your BFFL? Or better yet, wait ’till it’s Christmas time and gift each other the perfect pair of Mary-Janes you’ve both been dreaming of.


when ur little girls dressed as little boys.

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You know how we feel about a good ol’ suit. Our feelings never die (as you could probably tell), nor does a suit! Make it more casj with colour, plaid (like this or this, couldn’t pick between the two), or anything but black really. Throw in a couple of ‘we mean business‘ bags, a pair (or two pairs should I say) of killer hoops and you’re off.

Pinky Swear We’ll Be Friends Forever

on wednesdays, we wear pink ? (via @courtyard_la)

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Friends who dress together, stay together, or so they say. If you and your best friend haven’t rocked up on a Wednesday together in pre-planned pink outfits, are you even friends? Take it to the next BFF dimension in matching pink tees—like this or this, if you will. Round out your matching lewks with pink jeanz. woah.

Words, Jai Kaldor