5 Timeless French-Girl Pieces To Invest In

The only capsule wardrobe you need.

Guys, I have a confession to make: I’m still not sure I’ve determined what my ‘personal style’ actually is. This could speak directly to my indecisive nature in general or my unwillingness to put myself into a box. One day I feel like channelling Carmela Soprano, the next I derive my inspiration from 80s aerobics clips. A week later, all I’ll want to wear is jeans and a t-shirt. The road to figuring out my style is a long and bendy one with many disparate pit stops. 

I suspect it’s also because I simply can’t help myself when it comes to jumping on trends (whoops!), or making erratic, fun vintage purchases that are great standalone, but that don’t really make sense in the context of my wardrobe. It’s a jungle in there, let me tell you.

The antidote for this affliction is spying what the galz in France are up to. Now, there’s a nation of stylish women who understand the benefits of a capsule wardrobe. If you’re also blessed/cursed with a proclivity for changing up your vibe on the regular, or shopping on a whim, here’s 5 timeless french-girl pieces that will help to keep you looking casj and chic AF…


A good pair of straight denim jeans

What would our wardrobes look like if denim was never invented? I shudder to think. While shapes and cuts come and go, a good pair of vintage-esque jeans will last forever. Whether you’re pairing with a vintage blouse in winter, or a cute Reformation top for summer, you’re guaranteed to get a gr8 return on investment because chances are you’ll wanna wear them all day, erryday. Below are my favourites that sit at the intersection of comfortable, flattering and well-fitted, with prices to suit all budgets.

Splurge: Re/Done jeans High Rise Rigid Stove Pipe Jeans , FEEL The Genuine Jean

Save: Levi’s Wedgie Jeans, Glassons Mom Jean 

For a wider selection of under-$150 jeans, here’s a little something I prepared for you earlier.  


A striped shirt

Like a lot of great trends, the sudden ubiquity of the striped shirt a few years back pretty much killed it for me. But, when styled in an unexpected yet simple way—with the addition of a neck scarf, the help of a constellation of beaded jewellery or with a pair of strappy metallic heels and white jeans—the striped shirt is cool (and I imagine as carefree) as the cucumber slice in your gin & tonic. Just ask your favourite french girl on Insta. Or my moodboard for my next summer vaccay!

Splurge: Fiorucci Red & White Striped Logo T-Shirt, Current/Elliot Striped T-Shirt

Save: Madewell Striped T-shirt 


A picnic-friendly dress

Find me a better outfit to eat cheese and drink wine in a park in than a romantic floral dress, and I’ll throw you a picnic myself. Under the Eiffel Tower, no less! Juxtapose the femininity of a floral dress with a pair of sneakers, or lean right into it with a pair of strappy sandals—the world is ur oyster!

Splurge: Reformation Marnie Dress, Realisation Par The Juliet Rouge Fleur, Rouje Robe GABIN

Save: ASOS Midi Tea Dress in Floral, Zara Floral Dress


A pair of strappy metallic heels

Perhaps you’ve wondered to yourself how french women always manage to look effortlessly dressed up, and I say to you, look down! More precisely at their feet, which are generally clad in a pair of très sophistiqué metallic strappy heels (or, sometimes in a pair of block heels or espadrilles

The easiest way to go to take an outfit from being pavement-friendly to dinner party apropos is to throw a bit of metallic at your feet. Besides, who doesn’t like shiny things?

Splurge: Aquazurra Strappy Heels, Dorateymur Strappy Heels

Save: Zara Metallic Heels, Schutz Strappy Silver Heels

A pendant necklace

Sure, we’re often down to decorate our decolletages with various beaded and bedazzled jewels, but when it’s all starting to feel a bit O-T-T or you want to feel classic instead of creative with your accessories, it’s nice to revert back to the ol’ pendant necklace.

Splurge: Loren Stewart 14-Karat Gold Necklace, Lucy Folk Pendant Necklace  

Save: Reliquia Seashell Pendant Necklace, Reliquia Mini Gold Pendant Necklace

Words, Madeleine Woon | Image, Rouje