The Most Important Denim Lessons We’ve Learned At COH

Learnin' from the best.

If you’re a longtime follower (claps for you) or you’re just a newbie (Mahalo) here at COH, you know how we feel about denim.. Lets be real, It’s pretty obvi. We’re hard die fans, number 1 supporters and for good reason. Part of our job (well most/all of it actually) is finding out the tips and tricks of the trade and delivering the best-of to you.

From country to country to get the profe$h scoops, though a lot of our final conclusions really come from personal experience, i.e we try out recommendations, cull the nots, keep the hots. Recently I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pair, so naturally I went through our archives and gathered the tips that helped me the most.

Why have I decided to share them with y’all? because I’m not selfish, it’s my job and everyone deserves to find the perfect pair of booty huggers. You’re welcome.

(Pre- warning, many links ahead, clear your schedule and grab some snacks)


Trends don’t hang around forever (fringed jean bottoms circa start of 2017) so be smart and pick a pair you know you’ll never get sick of.

Buying into trends is never a bad thing, we do it to because, fashion.

Though when you are on the hunt for ‘the ones’ it really is best to find a style that match everything in your wardrobe AND ALSO make you FEEL and look gewd. Find your signature style and stick to it!


Do it the French way. Find yourself the perfect pair of Levis, pop on a plain chic t-shirt or blouse, pair it with a some ballet plats or heeled sandals and top it all off with a rich shade of red on your peckers. Sick of us saying this yet? Fine- Hear it from other’s then:

Sling-back Chanel heels, paired with vintage Levi’s jeans, a Chanel jacket and a turtleneck by none other than Par Femme.”- Léa Bonneau

“A pair of jeans and a white shirt, worn with a good jacket and a pair of sneakers, or a pair of black boots. Really simple. Nothing artificial.”- Diane Kari

“Staying super feminine, wearing an oversized jacket, wide leg jeans or the most basic white T-shirt.”- Louise Follain

““French-girl style is effortless… I’m inspired by the 70s, and I love to wear Vintage Levi’s with a navy jumper (it’s my uniform!).”- Anne-Laure Mais

(Even Princess Di Di had the perfect pair of vintage Levi jeans, add a good quality white t-shirt to your cart, followed by a check blazer and tortoise-shell sunglasses)


This has always been our number one question… How do you find the perfect Levis for you? Well, what we’ve learnt thus far is:

Visit well-stocked second-hand shops (thrift, charity, vintage, etc.) and try on all of the Levis they have on offer! Once you find a pair with a fit you like, note not only the style and label size but bring a measuring tape and take the jeans’ *actual* measurements (waist and front rise, at the very least.).

501’s are not always the way to go. They seem to look great on everyone, but when you try them on the reality is far from the dream. Expand your search to cuts other than the 501. Try the Levi’s 505, they have a zipper fly and a slightly higher rise which is super flattering. Or Levi’s 517s look great because they offer a nice, natural (high) rise and a boot cut leg. The opportunities are endless!

OH and always go for a size smaller. If you can do them up, but they feel too tight, then go for that par because they always stretch, Levi’s expert Ellen swears by this!

Words @jaijaibinxs