The 12 Best Beauty Brands I Discovered On Instagram

That are all worth a double tap.

I feel like I’m the only one not willing to throw Instagram under the bus these days. The app is not without its controversy, sure, but what kind of person would I be if I trashed the platform that single-handedly supplied me with my fill of aesthetic beauty product shots daily? A person without any respect for the algorithmic powers that be, certainly.

Thanks to some of the best beauty collectors on the ‘gram, I’ve been made privy to beauty brands that are the product equivalent of international Instagram models: perfectly manufactured, colour-coordinated, and somehow everywhere at once. From my exceptionally indulgent Instagram explore feed, and with the help of my fellow beauty nerds online, I’ve amassed a list of all the ~next best~ in beauty.

Make sure to memorise the below brands now, so you can say you knew them “back when” ;).


Glossier’s Millennial Yellow cousin. Founded by Australian “naturopaths”, the back-to-basics skin care line is unisex and super effective, thanks to carefully curated ingredients. I have to be honest with you, nothing pleases me more than having the bright yellow tube of the Earth Tones Mask peeking out from my own beauty display. Well, maybe clear skin pleases me more. It’s a blessing this line offers both.

Dr. Loretta

Dr. Loretta or Dr. Luxury? After applying the brand’s serum and moisturiser for the first time, I’m not sure I could tell you the difference. The serum goes on like liquid velvet (you had to be there), and the moisturiser called into question all my previous notions of hydration. Aside from the fact that application was an out-of-body experience, these bad boys didn’t lead to a break out (which is a break through for me). 


Kosas’s quality-over-quantity mantra has customers lining up for their prodz, but their simple black-and-white packaging is what has landed them in beauty cabinet pics the world over. The brand’s geometrically-inspired lipstick tubes ground any beauty display, while the line’s array of rich reds, nudes, and pinks have got you covered for every occasion. 

John Julia

Famous for their proclamation that what you put on your body can be put on your face (and vice versa), John Julia is an essential for any Instagram beauty layout. With dropper bottles to make application a little more interesting, the classic John Julia font means business: these all-over serum lotions are ready to change👏your👏skin👏via natural ingredients and radical simplicity.

Felt Formula

I want to start by saying thank you from the bottom of my <3. Thank you, Felt, for validating my endless desire for skincare that feels as good to put on as it is for my actual skin. I mean, when the packaging’s bold-letter description of the feel of the product is “watery, silky, & smooth” (hey there, Layering Essence) you know your heart is about to skip a beat. It is my sincere belief that holding any Felt Formula product will make me more beautiful by association, and is perhaps why the brand’s items have become the crown jewels of every Instagram layout they touch.


Upon learning that BYBI stood for “by beauty insiders”, everything started to make sense. The inviting font. The bold, yet always complementary colour schemes. The commitment to hype-ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter, and various fruit extracts. And, above all, the products that emphasise putting your most Insta-fluential face forward (soz, had to). PS: kudos to the new Babe Balm formula—what fast-absorption dreams are made of.


I treasure every pump of my Onomie Powerful Priming Serum, simultaneously sending out silent thank you’s for what it’s done for my skin, and dreading the day when there’s nothing left in the bottle. But since Onomie products are the gift that keep on giving—what with their pale pink packaging, magic powers and trustworthy lettering—my beloved pre-makeup primer will still look great beauty cabinet-side after my face has devoured its contents. I have never had a bad makeup day with Onomie underneath, and it improves a beauty cabinet shot on Insta tenfold. 

Lilah B

Stop what you’re doing and stick your finger into a pot of Lilah B. Comprised of a series of white, glass pots housing some of the best in natural colour cosmetics, Lilah B was made for the Instagram spotlight (read: iPhone flash). The irregularly-shaped stones are class on the outside and a total party on the inside—one swipe of the Virtuous Veil Concealer and you’ll know what I mean.

Le Paradis

Please, put your judgement aside when considering the next three words: banana lip balm. Inspired by a handful of take-me-there destinations, Le Paradis Beauty has developed a range of balms chock-full of the good stuff (grape seed oil, shea butter, liquorice root extract, the works). I, too, was hesitant to let such an openly banana-flavoured balm meet my lips. Wearing the line’s infamous balm as I type, all I can say is: don’t judge a balm by its controversial flavour. Not only is the hint of banana flavour enjoyable (words I never thought I’d type) and the formula petroleum-free, but Le Paradis also gives the people what they want in terms of pastel packaging. No space for dry lips (or basic balms) in paradise.


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Where did Kaja come from? Seemingly out of nowhere. No matter, I’m grateful that this line of delightful little cosmic, alien-baby products has landed in my lap, courtesy of some of the most beautifully-curated product stagings on my Instagram explore feed. Kaja has successfully fused K-beauty aesthetic with what the American and Aussie beauty crowd wants/needs (and then some). If anyone finds another brand that launches heavy-duty concealers alongside heart-shaped stamp blushes, LMK. Until then, kaja me inside singing the praises of this K-beauty brand. 


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Stratia reminds me of Deciem with a little more spunk. No black-and-white packaging here—which probably goes some way in explaining why Instagram has gobbled up the self-proclaimed “skin care that works” brand. Aesthetics aside, who doesn’t want to bathe their face in Velvet Cleansing Milk (because milk is where it’s at, remember?) and Liquid Gold? Reddit’s forum “SkincareAddiction” certainly does; the complete sell-out of the brand’s site is directly attributed to the forum’s going ga-ga over Stratia’s effective formulas.

Lovely Day Botanicals

There’s something about Lovely Day that won me over instantly. Maybe it’s the fact that the increasingly popular brand hails from *cue shocked expression* Berlin. Or maybe it’s the fact that this hole-in-the-wall beauty retailer, known for selling other beauty lines, created their own line that is now hot stuff in the realm of Instagram beauty photography. There’s not a lot out there about the mysterious Lovely Day line, but what I can tell you is that each item is made in small batches, tested by a team of 15 “beauty enthusiasts” before distribution, and smells exactly as anything titled Lovely Day should.

Words, Alyson Zetta Williams