Flip-Flops Are Officially Back! Here’s How To Wear Them


The chic way.

There’s been whispers circulating on the internet for a while that flip-flops were set to make their triumphant, rubbery return. And, now, blisters and uncomfy shoe trend-related calluses can let out a collective sigh of relief, because that day is finally upon us. We’re calling it: flip-flops are *officially* back. How does that make you feel?

Flip-flops (known as ‘thongs’ here Down Under) have gently nudged the humble slide out as the new repurposed pool shoe favoured by the street style masses. It was only a matter of time, given that we’ve burnt through pretty much every other nineties and noughties trend in existence, from shell anklets to the ubiquitous slip dress

My feet aren’t mad about this, TBH. Flip-flops can add an edge to an otherwise feminine outfit, and when paired with the right pieces, will make your outfit look unexpected and chic. Most importantly, they’re comfy. If you’re going to try this at home, remember that a pedicure is an absolutely non-negotiable accompaniment to your rubbery friends.

Read on to see how some of our favourite Instagram girls have been making flip-flops cool again…

Pernille Teisbaek

Flashback to lunch at Ritz💛 @tara_g_panah @chanelofficial

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Do as Pernille has done, and pair your rubbery new friends with a fun daytime dress. This is a casual outfit, but not enough to make it seem as if you just forgot to change shoes before leaving the house. Bonus points for matching sunnies.

Shop the look: GANNI horse shirt dress, Havaianas Brasil

Sophia Roe 

Post weekend vibes #still

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If you want your outfit to communicate that you are DTT (down to trend) but also that you will never compromise on the timeless, sophisticated vibe you’ve got going on, Sophia Roe is ya girl. The key here is opting for a pair of leather flip-flops.

Shop the look: Dior sunglassesNA-KD blazer dressTKEES leather flip-flops

Chloe Hill

Bondi hipster

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While Chloe proclaims to be a Bondi hipster in this ~cool as a cucumber~ look, we doubt they’d be so ahead of the curve as to dream this up. Steal your boyfriend’s jeans, add a pair of Havaianas and jazz it all up with a sheer blouse. Fun accessories are key.

Shop the look: Finders Keepers moonlight top, FEEL jeans, Havaianas black

Veronika Heilbrunner

This outfit makes me feel like I’m on holidays just looking at it. An all-white, loose-fitting outfit and your stock standard black flip-flop is your new go-to summer look.

Shop the look: UNIQLO white linen shirtAssembly Label pantsHavaianas black

Emili Sindlev 

This look should be enough to convince any fence-sitters that the return of flip-flops is for the betterment of people everywhere. It’s the height of unexpectedly cool outfit combos, and you best believe I’ll be packing a pair of flip-flops in my bag the next time I have a fancy soiree on.

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Words, Madeleine Woon