I’m Officially A Shampoo Bar Convert, Here’s Why

Hint: it involves Christophe Robin.

When it comes to silky smooth, healthy locks, no one does it better than the French godfather of hair, Christophe Robin. His natural hair care brand was born outta France, and is adored by everyone from us mere mortals to every 90s supermodel and French actress you’ve ever saved a picture of on Pinterest (from Linda Evangelista to Vanessa Paradis). And there’s no shortage of proof as to why, from his life-affirming Cleansing Pure Scrub to his heavenly-scented Instant Volumising MistI met the hair wizard IRL at a recent event (for their new range of natural temporary gels for grey hair), and did what any sane beauty geek would by quizzing him on flat roots, limp curls, and the must-be-avoided silicones. After answering all my burning questions, Christophe recommended I switch to using his organic shampoo bar after I told him my curly hair woes, and so a love story began. 

Read all about why I’ll never switch back to regular shampoo, how I keep my curls looking bouncy, and why silicones are the devil below… 

Achieving Voluminous Curls Without Your Hair Looking Flat On Top…

After exchanging pleasantries with the charismatic French icon, we got straight down to business. “Why can we work to get volume in the ends of curly hair, but the top often stays looking so so flat?” I pondered. Christophe nodded knowingly, explaining that curly hair needing soft layers to take weight off the locks. The hair needs to be “more round rather than square and heavy.” Makes sense!

Why Curls Disappear…  

I’ll admit, this interview is turning out to be rather self-serving, he he. My second question for the day was centred on why my curls will be living their best life one day, and then gone the next. “It’s like they’ve taken it upon themselves to pack up shop and go on vacay without giving a shred of notice,” I exasperatedly tell my new hair saviour. “They need hydration,” says Christophe. Simple as that. He suggests trying his hydrating leave-in mist. “It has Aloe Vera which is super hydrating and so efficient,” he continues. “Spray that the day after and your curls will come back.” I can practically feel my hair springing to attention at this point.

Silicones Are The Enemy Of Healthy, Hydrated Hair…

Why my curls are dehydrated in the first place is more complex. All of the Christophe Robin products are silicone free. ICYMI, silicones are a class of materials that can be found in many haircare products because they are cheap, but as Christophe eloquently puts it, “they are shit.” While they give the illusion of shiny hair, they aren’t water soluble which means they stay on our hair when we rinse. Glllll. According to Christophe, this “doesn’t allow good ingredients [like the hydrating glycerine] to get inside your scalp and hair.” Basically this means our hair suffocates and suffers from an unquenchable thirst (like if you couldn’t have a sip of water on a hot summer’s day, yiiiikes).

To get this devil’s ingredient out of your hair, Christophe suggests a refreshing dip in the ocean, washing with a salt water mix, or scrubbing those strands with his Cleansing Purifying Scrub (with sea salt).

Why I Am The Latest Shampoo Bar Convert…

Then comes my favourite part. As we bond over our shared enthusiasm for expelling toxic ingredients and building health back into hair, specifically those of us with curls, he exclaims: “Oh, you would love my shampoo bar! And it’s totally organic… I love this product and solid shampoo is the future, I’m sure.” Why is he so sure? “The bar is predominantly castor oil for regrowth and the hydration of the scalp,” he says. “At first you’re going to think it’s a bit weird, but give it a second chance and you’re going to see your curls!” With other ingredients, including the pre-mentioned hydrating Aloe Vera and glycerine, there’s not a single doubt in my mind that he’s right.

Fast forward to me at home in the shower wielding the bar in my hand, acting like I’m the star of my very own shampoo ad. I wet my hair, then softly lather the solid block through it. It foams much quicker than pre-empted, spreading this intensely silky feeling through my fingertips. Needless to say, we’re off to a good start. I notice immediately, too, that it goes straight down into my roots, lapping up all that scalp grease, unlike most shampoos where I must force it into the roots or wash twice. At this point, I’m nodding vigorously to myself, like, Damn, what is this little magic block of goodness? Then comes the rinse. Under the shower, my hair now feels super grippy in my hands, like going down a slide with no pants on. Not quite what I’m used to, but dang does it feel clean.

After a towel dry, I spritz the Christophe Robin Hydrating Mist about my head and scrunch it into my ends. And wait patiently for it to dry. Tick tock, tick tock. The results? I’m utterly, head-over-heels in love. It’s as if salty sea air danced its way through an open window to gently mist its way through each lock, twirling my curls back to life. My hair’s journey is not dissimilar from Cinderella’s rags-to-ball gown story. Except there’s no chance my hair will turn into pumpkin when the clock strikes midnight, and my fairy godmother happens to be an elegant French man with a penchant for natural ingredients. So yes, I’m impressed. My curls have come back from the dead—they’re bouncy yet controlled—and my roots are clean as a whistle replete with a satisfying grit that lifts them off my scalp (you’ll know what I mean once you try it for yourself).

I honestly don’t know if another shampoo can ever top this feeling, especially when used in tandem with the spray. It should be noted that this is not a paid post—I’m just a girl who is passionate about natural products that not only do what they promise, but also go the extra mile. Before I bounce on out of here to live my life as recent shampoo bar-convert, I’ll leave you with my final score: a solid 12/10.

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Words, Sian Henderson