3 Ways To Dress Up Your ‘Jeans And A T-Shirt’ Combo

jeans and a tshirt

See your faves in a new light.

Whenever I wind up wearing jeans and a tshirt, the process is akin to scouring Netflix for an hour in search of an exciting new TV show, only to land on one of my old favourites (Friends, Sex and The City, Peep Show, etc).

While I love the idea of ~experimenting~ and branching out with my style—in much the same way as I do my viewing tastes—sometimes it feels good to lean into what you know. Ya know?

That’s not to say the ol’ jeans and tee outfit has to put you to sleep, though. With a few flicks of the magic wand — a.k.a the addition of some cute accessories or an ~unexpected style twist~ — your outfit can go from b-o-r-i-n-g to c-o-o-l in no time.

Read on for fresh and exciting ways to breathe life into your trusty favourites, and then we can all meet in the comments section to talk about how Friends will always be the greatest TV show ever made. Okay? Ok!

Go To Town On Accessories

Honestly, I need to hunt down whoever gave rebirth to the scrunchie trend, and personally shake their hand. Scrunchies are the cutest and easiest way to add ~personality~ to an outfit, they won’t damage your hair, and they’re about as cost effective as they come. And, why stop there? Add a beaded bag, a pair of gold hoops, and a red lip, and then sit back and revel in the joy that is living your very best life.

OUTFIT RECIPE: 1 x EYTS jeans, 1 x COH beaded bag, 1 x Rag & Bone white t-shirt, 1 x COH plaid scrunchie, 1 x Reliquia gold hoops = Daaaaaaayum, girl!

Make Like Jeanne Damas, Add A Heel/Blazer

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Today, in the land of denim, we’re going by retiring our favourite pair of sneakers in favour of a heel/blazer instead, all thanks to the most stylish lady in all of Paris, Jeanne Damas. Do it like this style queen and add a graphic tee, a pinstripe blazer and flared jeans to give it that deriguour effortlessness inherent in the way French women dress.

OUTFIT RECIPE: 1 x Re/Done flared jeans, 1 x Balenciaga blue t-shirt, 1 x ARKET stripe blazer, 1 x Iris & Ink navy slingbacks = Oooh, La La!

Opt For An All-White Look

Don’t forget to do your squats

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There’s just something so badass about wearing an all-white outfit. I totally understand the risk of wearing all-white, especially in the company of clumsy friends and red wine, but I’m willing to go out on a limb anyway to look this F-A-B. Opt for a high-waisted fit and a cropped white t-shirt in a light, breezy fabric to ensure that it looks flattering, and add a pop of colour with a head scarf and/or a belt. Voila! OUTFIT RECIPE: 1 x Hanes x Karla cropped t-shirt, 1 x Grlfrnd white jeans, 1 x Balenciaga kitten heel = Did it hurt when you fell?

What’s your favourite way to jazz up your jeans and a t-shirt combination?

Words, Madeleine Woon