4 Handbag Trends That Are All Over Instagram RN

And how to make them your own.

I remember my first handbag with such vivd recall, it’s almost as if the year was still 2003 (and Hilary Duff was still my kween). Alongside other nostalgic wardrobe trappings like Bond’s crop tops, tween-friendly heels and watermelon lip smackers, it signalled to the world that I was entering into the “not a girl, not yet a woman” chapter of my life. The word ‘fabulous’ doesn’t even come close to describing how I felt whenever I sassily slung that hot pink, satin and ~tastefully~ sequin number over 12-year-old arm, and it can definitely be credited (or cursed) for instilling in me a lifelong obsession with handbag trends. 

Many different handbags have taken up residency on my arm since then—from the hobo and Von Dutch bowling bags of my youth, to the more sophisticated iterations that have speckled my adult life of late. While the styles have changed over the years, my obsession with them has remained the same. As far as accoutrements go, the handbag is not only the easiest and most stylish way to jazz up your outfit, it’s also the most functional. Where else are your snacks and various lip-glosses meant to live, after all?

With a little help from our pals at Deadly Ponies and their delightful new collection, we’ve rounded up our favourite Instagram-endorsed handbag trends for you to shop right now, along with four cool girl-approved ways to wear them… 

Ebony wears the Deadly Ponies Mr Stitcher PVC Bag

Handle Ring Bags

Ebony wears the Deadly Ponies Mr Stitcher PVC Bag

Why we love: I didn’t even know that I was tiring of arm straps until The Great Handle Ring Bag Trend Of 2018 swept the globe earlier this year. The addition of the handle ring is unexpected enough to give you an aesthetic thrill, yet subtle enough to be introduced to your wardrobe with ease. There’s also the option to go hands-free by slipping this Deadly Ponies handle ring PVC bag over your wrist. Versatile! 

Wear it with: Do as earth angel/DJ Ebony Boadu has done and keep things satisfyingly tonal with with an adorbs ribbed singlet and cropped checked pants, then spice up yo’ life/look with a splash of on-trend leopard print—this cute as bucket hat, for instance.

Buy your own Deadly Ponies Mr Stitcher PVC Bag HERE

Scout wears the Deadly Ponies Mr Tulip Bag in Violet

Colourful Bags

Scout wears the Deadly Ponies Mr Tulip Bag in Violet

Why we love: And just like that, bright colours became the new black in the handbag world. This is emblematic of a wider shift in fashion away from the minimalist normcore days of yore, towards a more-is-more approach that champions individuality and puts the fun back into getting dressed. Yippee!

The easiest way to jump on the maximalist bandwagon is to add a pop of colour to your life courtesy of a B-R-I-G-H-T handbag, which is exactly why we can’t wait to decant all of our worldly possessions into the purple Mr Tulip Deadly Ponies bag. Other than being extra *extra*, the bag is made of leather softer than your face will be after following the COH team’s skincare routine (extremely). 

Wear it with: I know I just espoused the benefits of maximalism as if my young(ish) life depended on it, BUT if you’re wanting to lean into the coloured bag trend in a low-key way, do as sweetheart Scout has and pair it with an all-white look. The outfit recipe as follows: a sheer bodysuit, a well-fitted blazer, a pair of cropped trousers and a statement pair of sunglasses.

Buy your own Deadly Ponies Mr Tulip Bag in Violet HERE

Chesca wears the Deadly Ponies Mr Frizzling PVC Bag

PVC Bags

Chesca wears the Deadly Ponies Mr Frizzling PVC Bag

Why we love: Call me voyeuristic, but there’s something so rewarding about seeing other people’s possessions on display—it’s like a real-life walking, talking ‘What’s In My Bag?’ article. As for me, the PVC trend is a good motivator to adopt a more minimalistic/considered approach to my handbag contents (less chewing gum wrappers and receipts, more chic sunglasses and Chanel lipsticks). Also, how many bags can say they’re waterproof? Not many (if any), making this a very practical choice indeed. With its understated leather trim and casual-cool vibes, I can’t imagine that your belongings—be that fruit, magazines, or beach towels—would want to be carried around in anything other than the Mr Frizzling PVC bag this summer. (I checked, they don’t).

Wear it with: Look as #flawless as cutie pie Chesca Athes does by pairing yours with a good pair of dark mom denim jeans, a checked Ganni top (or if you’re after something more pared-back, this beautiful and cost-friendly ASOS white linen top), and a pair of statement sunglasses.

Buy your own Deadly Ponies Mr Frizzling PVC Bag HERE

Ebony wears the Deadly Ponies Mr Mini Woolf Metallic Chain Bag

Belt Bags

Ebony wears the Deadly Ponies Mr Mini Woolf Metallic Bag

Why we love: As someone who is seemingly committed to misplacing things (fare thee well, my precious short-lived belongings), the belt bag has swooped in to save the day/my sanity. Small, compact and cute to boot, the belt bag literally straps to your body, meaning no more visits to lost property. Genius. It’s big enough to provide shelter for your ride or die possessions—phone, keys, wallet—but nimble enough not to weigh you down throughout the day, or when you’re out cutting shapes on the dance floor. Go for gold with this metallic Deadly Ponies belt bag—the cooler, très sophistiqué answer to the bum bag trend of last year. 

Bonus points for the Deadly Ponies belt bag, because it transforms into one of the other hottest trends of the moment—the chain bag—with one quick flick of the wrist. All you need to do is take off the detachable belt and sub in the gold chain strap. Voila! You have yourself a completely new look.

Wear it with: The tonal outfit Ebony was rocking with the above bag also works well with this lil’ guy. For a more Sunday morning brunch-appropriate take on tonal dressing, opt for a pair of camel trousers, a ribbed white tank top and a pair of leather flip-flops

Buy your own Deadly Ponies Mr Mini Woolf Metallic Chain Bag HERE.  

Words, Madeleine Woon | Photography, Georgie Wood-Weber 

*This feature was shot in collaboration with Deadly Ponies