The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Luminous Skin

Giorgio Armani Neo Nude

In 4 easy steps.

While I’d love to be the kind of person who luxuriates in getting ready of a morning—casually sipping on hot water and lemon, completing a 12-step skincare routine, reading the newspaper, and carefully applying makeup without keeping a careful eye on the clock—I’m a much more get up ‘n’ go kind of woman. It’s why I’ve pretty much adopted a Monday-to-Friday work uniform (hello blazers and dad sneakers, my old friends), and how I’ve come to be a master at doing my makeup in under five minutes. My main goal when it comes to makeup is to look as if I’m barely wearing any at all. Logic! While that may seem counterintuitive, “no makeup makeup” is pretty much the French-girl style of the beauty world—it’s effortless, casual and goes with everything (what’s more timeless than naturally glowy skin?). I essentially just want to look like the most luminous version of myself without putting too much effort in, and that’s something that can be easily achieved, as I found out recently while trialling Giorgio Armani Neo Nude range (my new beauty BFF).

The Neo-Nude range is essentially the crème de la crème when it comes to products that make you look as if you’ve rolled out of bed with flawless skin. And the best bit? It’s super easy to achieve while you’re on the go. See for yourself below!

1) Start With A Super Luminous Base 

The Neo-Nude Fusion Powder was made for the girl on the go (a.k.a moi). If you need confirmation, just ask my newly glowing face. The sheer, luminous powder buffs into your skin to create a super flawless and barely there finish, and can be applied super easily with the inbuilt brush.

This is basically your fave liquid foundation in a practical compact container (that can be housed in your handbag for touch ups throughout the day as needed).

2) Channel Your Inner Glam Squad, And Get Contouring 

The Neo-Nude range is all about enhancing rather than covering, and the contour is their ace card when it comes to amplifying what your mumma gave you. To give the illusion of supermodel-esque cheek bones, apply two drops of the Neo-Nude A-Contour to the side of the cheek near your hairline, then blend horizontally towards the nose.

Perfect for creating definition, the contour is super easy to blend into your skin.

3) It’s Blush Time! 

It’s time to put some colour in those super sculpted cheeks. Look exactly the right amount of rosey by applying three tiny little dots of the The Neo Nude A-Blush to your cheeks, before blending it in with your fingertips.

Nothing screams healthy glow like a little bit of rouge on your cheeks.

4) Highlight, Highlight, Highlight 

Now for the highlight of today’s beauty routine (geddit?), I present you with a product that’s undoubtedly gonna steal the keys to your heart—the Neo Nude A-Highlight. The key to any “no makeup makeup” look is skin that glows subtly (without looking too obviously “made up”) and this is the product that’s guaranteed to make people think you ~woke up like this~.

So, to finish off this super quick makeup routine, I blend the highlighter over my upper cheekbones, nose and brow bones to add a luminous glow, and then to my cupid’s bow to add a little shine and fullness to my lips.

And there you have it, friends! My easy-to-achieve “no makeup makeup” look that will keep you glowing well into the night.