7 Instagram Brands That We’re Obsessed With

That's how we scroll.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s all make room in wardrobes/hearts for some cute new purchases—courtesy of our good friend Instagram—shall we? Since our office spends a combined 279284 hours per week trawling the ‘gram, adding to our saved folders and double tapping our lives away, we were always bound to bump into cute new Instagram brands here and there. Lucky for us/you, we’ve been stumbling upon new brands at an *alarming* frequency of late. 

I recently took a lengthy sabbatical from Instagram (for reasons that are too ~involved~ to type here). While I suppose I gleaned a few invaluable lessons from this period of abstinence, the months spent living under a rock proved to be a real test in sourcing inspiration (not to mention a real exercise in boredom *yawns*). How I managed to get dressed is anyone’s guess, and that’s maybe why I sustained some very serious scrolling-induced RSI upon my return. Distance truly does make the heart grow fonder, and a fond heart doth a fun new wardrobe make. 

But enough on that. Behold, 7 brands the COH team found on Instagram that have made getting dressed an infinitely more exciting task… 



If you like nice things, then LOÉIL is 100% money-back guaranteed to tickle your fancy. Their clothing is both very on-trend—think cowl neck dresses, structured suits, and kick-flare trousers—and classic enough to last the test of time.

Come for the pastel hues, and stay for the clothes that will make you feel like a goddamn queen every single time.


Your bank account is gonna thank you for this one, since Porcelain specialise exclusively in t-shirts, hoodies and tote bags that are as cute as they are affordable. Pair your new tee or hoodie with sneakers and baggy jeans for a look that lets everyone know you are chill but know what’s up, or throw on a beret and trousers for a look that screams pure low-key sophistication.
Très bien.


A label that goes by the name of Shrimps was always going to be a good time, so it should come as no surprise that I pretty much declared every single piece on their site my new wardrobe BFF.
With ribbed hems, ruffle-trimmed necklines, beaded bags, faux-fur and little pops of colour, you are destined to be the cutest girl in the room every single time with Shrimps.

Um, did I just spot the casj wear of my dreams? Yessss I did. Outside of encouraging me to keep on shlepping around the house at every chance I can get (but way more stylishly than before), Liana is serving up other kawaii af basics like box tees made of terry towelling and cute striped singlet tops.

As the saying goes, be the cute girl you wish to see in the world.



Holy heel. Every other shoe brand to ever exist, Ima let you finish, but Nicole Saldana has some of the best shoes of all time! Of all time!

If the featured shoe (the Sarah slide) isn’t the most perfect foot accessory you’ve ever laid eyes on, then Bob truly must be my uncle. Sculptured heels came in like a wrecking ball at the close of last year to bash block heels off their throne, but Nicole just took it to new ~heights~ with her masterful assemblage of pvc, suede and silk shoes. We’ll take on of each please (and two pairs of the Sarah in Blue PVC, for good measure.

From silk wrap skirts to handkerchief tops, OATS make the kind of clothes you put on and then never want to take off again.
If the sleek but highly wearable clothes weren’t enough to win you over, cop the cute backstory: the label is run by a mother-daughter team straight outta Melbourne. Cute! They hand-make everything in their home studio, so each piece feels super spesh and sustainable.
Did we mention that you’ll never want to take their clothes off?
On the subject of magical shoes, Seoul-based label Reike Nen have been improving the life of feet everywhere since they launched in 2010.
We’re particularly enamoured with their Mandoo strap mule pumps (in every single colour), but would give a huge fat yes to everything on the site.
Words, @madw0n