8 Accessories Brands To Know Before Everyone Else

Spoiler alert: treasures contained within.

In this week’s episode of Mad Says Something Controversial, I’ll be extolling an accessories-related belief that goes in the exact opposite direction of popular opinion (please don’t bite me). Here goes! Lately it has come to my attention that I wholeheartedly disagree with Coco Chanel’s assertion that “before leaving the house, a lady should look in the mirror and remove one accessory.” Where is the fun in that? Pile more on, I always say!

When you subscribe to a fairly chill dress code (read: basic), as I tend to, accessories are the only real channel through which to communicate your ~experimental~ side. Comparatively, they are also a much more cost effective way to update your look than buying a heap of new clothes. And, last but certainly not least, they put the fun back into getting dressed of a morning, which is the whole point of fashion, is it not?

All in favour of a more is more approach, please join me as I deep dive into my Instagram saved folder to bring you all the most joy-invoking accessories brands from across the globe…


First thing’s first: you’re gonna need some shades to protect your retinas from all the shiny, bright jewels they’re about to be exposed to, and no brand is qualified for the job as much as George Keburia. The teeny, tiny sunglasses trend ain’t going anywhere anytime soon, so you might as well lean into it with glasses that are so small they need a microscope to be seen.

Up your steeze here.


Understated definitely doesn’t register around these parts, but if you’re looking for playful, adorable pieces of wearable pop art, then Jiwinaia’s fares are your new BFFs! And, if you want to become the human embodiment of the phrase “the cherry on top of the cake”, then look no further than these particularly cute earrings.

Become your most fleeky self here.

ℕ?? • ????ℕ??? • ??????????? ℂ????? ????????!?????? ?? ????

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???! JIWINAIA ?69 Double Hoop earrings ⛓⋆?????? ????⋆⛓

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Rebecca de Ravenel had us hook, line and sinker with her beaut ocean-inspired accessories range, but it’s her cute new flower earrings and heavenly hoops that have got us coming back for more!

Experience the very specific joy that only decadent jewellery can bring here.

? From India with Love ?

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Twinning by the Sea ?? Coming soon @matchesfashion

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I know, I know. We’ve already sung Valet’s praises before, but that was before their kawaii hair clips came into existence. Can you blame us for wanting to shine the spotlight on the Sydney-based brand again, given that these hair barrettes and clips are the best thing to happen to hair since GHD’s were invented in 2001?

Spice up your life here!

Hair barrettes coming soon ?

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Also barrettes that look like candy.

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I can’t even remember a time when I didn’t have the world’s biggest woman crush on Arpana Rayamajhi. Her jewellery (and general ethos/outlook on life) are honest and beautiful, and she makes us want to shed our inclinations for pared-back dressing in favour of all bright errythang. Originally from Kathmandu in Nepal, Arpana shines light on her Nepali heritage in each one-of-a-kind piece she makes.

Vow to never wear anything boring ever again here.

“How you doin? ??” – Joey Tribbiani

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Melbs-based brand Underground Sundae is all over that Astrology steeze, with cute little star sign pendant necklaces that each feature specific traits engraved on the back. (Shout outs to all the other Cancerians who feel a lot of feelings!). But it’s not just their zodiac offerings that have won over our hearts—their jewellery will make you feel like a kid again, albeit a very fancy one. Think lobster-encrusted necklaces, daisy earrings and safety chain sleepers.

Fall in luv 5eva here.

End Heart sleeper in gold up on @id_aunz ❤❤❤❤❤?

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Omfg, can you even imagine what’d be like to pull up a seat at your local TGIF drinks with a martini in hand and a martini dangling from your ear? I’m almost *dying* at the fab mental image that’s swirling around in my head, but now those imaginings can become a reality, care of dady bones! (See below)

Also, what do I love more than a sparkly accessory, you ask? A shimmering pun, of course! And that’s exactly what I got when I perused their online store and found their ‘Olive U Earrings’. But it’s their ‘Pink Triple Heart’ earrings that I j’adore most!

Lose yourself in the magic here.

Ayye @tessadotgourin coming thru for @nylonjapan ??

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Okay, by now you’re probably going to need a new receptacle to carry around all your FUN NEW TREASURES!!! Sorry for yelling, accessories just make me VERY EXCITED!!!

I’ve calmed down now. Apologies.

Heimat Atlantica make the best bags in the whole world (wide web)! Hailing all the way from the Atlantic coast, they have a huge onus on local trade and traditional craftsmanship (honestly, go have a look at their site for some truly inspiring photos and videos of their artisan’s creative process), and have a vibrant aesthetic that would turn even the most obstinate frown upside down.

Just when I thought we’d exhausted the basket bag trend, Heimat Atlantica swung into my discovery feed like a beautiful wicker, trinket-adorned wrecking ball. Make room for it to swing on into your life here.

Words, @madw0n