These 5 Women Are Rewriting The French-Girl Style Rules

Rules are made to be broken, right?

I’m not alone in my love of French-girl style. ILY4eva, Jane Birkin. There’s something so mesmerising about they way french women throw together jeans, wrap dresses and metallic heels, and look equal parts effortless, stylish and put-together. It’s an art form, and one that I’m not sure I’ll ever completely master.

Despite this life-long infatuation with French-girl style, I’ve been increasingly taken by women who are challenging the status quo. While they still exude that regional-specific coolness, these are the kind of women who are rewriting the rules of French-girl style with their #impeccable style. Below, 5 of my favourite envelope-pushers!


Emma Rowen Rose

Emma is a 21-year-old, self-described ‘French multi-tasker’ who has the best gosh darn style this side of the Eiffel Tower (although she is currently putting her most fashionable foot forward in Italy’s fashion capital, Milan). While the basic tenet of french girl style is ‘effortless’ (think a white t-shirt and jeans), the designer/writer/model is certainly not risk-averse or casual when it comes to throwing together looks. She seems to subscribe to a ‘more is more’ philosophy instead, although always still in her own understated and elegant way. Her Instagram makes a strong case for utilising beauty lewks to enhance your outfit. But why am I still here? Have a look for yourself above below, and then head here if you want/need more.


PS: ~watch this space~, because her impeccable style is coming to a STREET 365 section near you soon!

SHOP HER LOOK: If you want to emulate Emma’s style, start with these Reliquia triple hoops, then add this Marques’ Almeida ruched top, this Clyde straw hat, this oversized blazer, these houndstooth trousers, and finally, the bag of the moment, a.k.a the Dior saddle bag.


Annabelle Ferrera


Annabelle is part of that Gucci Gang (alongside other cooler-than-you teens Crystal, Thais, and Angelina). She’s super into bright colours/patterns and cute socks, and we’re super into that (especially the latter, since you know we all about that cost-effective accessories life). In case you’re yet to be introduced, the Gucci Gang are your new fave girl gang. They gained a big following online for their youthful exuberance, laid-back style (that fuses thrift store pieces with designer), and epitomise the next generation of Parisian creatives.

SHOP HER LOOK: Annabelle’s outfit recipe consists of the following ingredients: a fun check trench coat (like this Capulet one), a pair of Nike Air Forces, and a fun picnic blanket-esque skirt. If you’re taking insp from a more neutral outfit of hers, throw the following items in your basket: Céline fashion glasses, a gold pendant necklace, this J.Crew t-shirt and these Mimi Holvast scrunchie pants!



Lena Brunaux has been throwing together steezy looks since 1997. The young model has a 90s supermodel vibe to her (see here for indisputable evidence), and while she can definitely lean into the archetypal french-girl style—think floral dresses, and cropped flare jeans paired with metallic heels—she also mixes things up with sporty spice-inspired get ups and millennial pink coats. Get lurking!

SHOP HER LOOK: Lean into the bike short trend, grab yourself a Ralph Lauren polo shirt, or go pretty in pink with this v. affordable Topshop blazer.


Regina Anikiy

Fashion model Regina Anikiy is just at home in a suit as she is a pair of fashion trackies. When she’s not modelling for brands like Calvin Klein, she’s absolutely killing it on her Instagram in the 90s sandals of our dreams, doing leather pants justice, and making us reconsider our decision to cut our hair into a bob.

SHOP HER LOOK: Nab yourself a pair of Rag & Bone trackpants and Poppy Lissiman x Adam Selman sunnies or for her night-time look, a pair of sky-high strappy sandals, fitted trousers, a well-tailored blazer and a sky-high ponytail.


Honey Forestier

Honey Forestier is a french artist currently living her best life in New York City. The influence of the Big Apple certainly shines thru in the way she dresses—very streetwear chic, if you ask me. Aside from killing it in the ~sartorial department~, she is also very adept at the nail art game (>>>>).

SHOP HER LOOK: First thing’s first—get yourself a bucket hat! Next, furnish your body with a cute polka dot top and a tennis skirt, and then go H.A.M on the nail art!












Words, Madeleine Woon