6 Beauty Rules I Swear By

Because we’re all worth it.

It occurred to me while writing my ‘denim lessons‘ write up last week that we learn about a lot of very important things here at COH, so why stop at jeans? So, it’s with a warm heart and a fab makeup lewk that I welcome you to my second instalment of the life lessons we’ve learned at COH: The Facial Beauty Edition.

There is a never ending flow of beauty tips here at COH. A river full of important skin do’s and don’ts, a waterfall gushing with serious make-up how to’s… We do work alongside Carmen Hamilton, who is a beauty kween after all!

I grew up a tomboy. Actually, I still kinda am… Though it wasn’t until my first couple of weeks here at COH that it really hit me—there is so much more I could be doing for myself than just constantly using crappy soaps and conditioners. Theres a whole world out there dedicated to making your skin/life the best it can be!


‘Prevention is the cure’ they say to beat those suckers (wrinkles) before they get cha! Carmen swears by Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II Serum. It increases circulation and floods skin with the nutrients it needs to repair itself while you sleep. Dayum, sold.

Hydrate from the inside and out. Drink water. Kidding—just do like 50 face masks per week and you’ll be fine. Kidding again. But literally, drink water, do face masks (our faves are Aztec Secret, Skyn Iceland and Lush)and find the right moisturiser for you. Whether it be for sensitive skin or dry skin, theres always something for you, no excuses, don’t be lazy!

You cannot shrink your pores, BUT you can reduce their appearance in size, check it out hurrrrr.

You can still stay pretty up in the air! Unbelievable? I know. Though I do trust Carmen’s advice as she is on a plane most days of the week. Hydrate (again, see it’s a reoccurring thing for a reason). Moisturise with Dermalogica’s Calm Water Gel and top with Barrier Defense Booster to block out those nasty airplane germs. Elevate your legs, and use moisturising eye drops! Amen.

DIYing is in. Our honey bee Sian has taught us a thing or two about DIY beauty products. Sian claims “Your skin will lap up (the all naturaaal productz) like a kitten does milk. Good enough for the environment, for our faces, and for our finances? Good enough for us!”. She right, we’ve all tried for our selves and my face/underarms haven’t complained at all!

You should glow no matter where you go. Girls gotta look dewy, and we’re queenz at perfecting dat glowing vibe here at COH. Whether you’re a lazy bum (like myself) and need a quick 4 step guide using strictly the Giorgio Armani Neo-Nude range. OR if you’ve got an event or a cheeky blind date to go on in the upcoming week and want to look hot, sxc, cute ‘n’ glowing then yeah, head to our Skin SOS bible we got chu there too. Oh and if you’re planning on hitting the town for a boogie this weekend? Mmm yep, our Evening Skin video is pretty crash hawt too.

Words @jaijaibinxs