The Cute AF Ethical Brands You Need To Know About

Slow fashion for your fast-paced life.

We’ve been discussing slow fashion a lot of late, and especially in the wake of Fashion Revolution Week last week, which was dedicated to consumers stopping to ask themselves #WhoMadeMyClothes? After managing to score an entire week’s worth of outfits for under $300 at Salvation Army, we passed the mic to our beaut contributor Sian so she could give her favourite ethical and sustainable brands a lil’ shout out… Here goes! 

Hello slow fashion, and welcome into our hearts. Thank you for all the gorgeous garments woven with quality in mind, the fairness with which you treat your workers, and your low level impact on our planet.

If you’re yet to catch The True Cost documentary, it’s an eye-opening must. Employees are overworked, underpaid and cooped up in factories, barely afforded the basic right to a toilet break. They stitch away at tops that will then be sold for under ten dollars. What a bargain, we think, not giving thought to the people’s livelihoods that suffer as a consequence. 

But, I’m not here to drag us down, rather inspire and prod. We, as consumers, consistently change the game through the power of purchase. So, let’s grow an industry we are proud of. Vote with your dollars. The following are a few cute AF slow fashion go-to’s that will look #flawless in any season (especially the in-between ones). These are the true bargains—the clothes that will grow old with you, whilst supporting our planet and its people.

Shoes, Veja


Cutest shoe brand ever, Veja, make eco-friendly shoes that don’t look like traditionally eco-friendly shoes. Their sneakers are made from raw, organic materials, are super comfy and will pass the test of time.

Did I mention how cute they are? Pair with a dress in summer, a pant suit in winter, or jeans and a t-shirt during the in-between seasons.
Shoes, Marais USA | Bags, Marais USA


Marais USA are a sustainable brand coming straight outta LA. They specialise in super sleek suede shoes and the most adorbs bucket bags, both of which are the perfect addition to any wardrobe, no matter the season.

Dress, Reformation


Makers of the most perfect transseasonal dresses, blouses and trousers (all with a vintage vibe), Reformation are rewriting the rules of “fast” fashion. They use eco-friendly materials and reuse offcuts to make their beaut clothes, like this here, the perfect in-between season dress. This dress, with it’s soft linen and cute ruffles, will last through the seasons. Go full summer with a cute pair of sandals, autumn and spring with a fresh white sneaker, or rock in winter with a solid boot and leather jacket.

Dress, Kowtow


Kowtow has been at it for over a decade, making beautiful minimalist clothes made entirely with sustainable and ethical materials like this LBD (long black dress). Everyone needs a long black dress in their wardrobe—a staple for many occasions. This LBD is understated and super casj, but can still be dressed up for the evening with a kitten heel and the right accessories. A dress that can wear many hats… or have many hats worn with it.

Top, Kuwaii | Pants, Kuwaii


This cute combo from Kuwaii makes me want to lollop about like a kid in an adult’s life. From a day spinning circles on the office chair to strolls through the city park, this timeless outfit is an easy go-to when you wake up not knowing quite what clothing mood you’re in.