5 New Ways To Wear Denim, According To The Streets Of NYC

nyc denim

Same same, but different.

We recently found ourselves ambling around the streets of Soho looking for some NYC denim inspo.

With nothing but an iPhone and our own eyeballs on hand to capture how the locals (and those visiting) work a pair of jeans. Turns out, that’s all you need. As the weather struggled to make up its mind (one minute so hot that I couldn’t distinguish my Glossier-induced dew from the sweat collecting on every surface of my face, the next going into battle against the elements armed only with a crappy convenience store-bought umbrella), the good people of NYC showed us how they work their favourite pair of jeans.

If you’re a long-term follower, you’ll know that the pursuit of denim-centric outfits is one that we at COH take v. seriously. Imagine our delight then when we met the following five denim-clad women, each whose outfit had its own ~unique~ story to tell. If you’re into breathing life into your trusty favourites, then you’ll love what you’re about to read.

Get ready to see your jeans in a new light…


The “I Stole The Clothes Off My Boyfriend’s Back” Look 

Nothing speaks to the Sunday brunch aesthetic more than an outfit that could have been plucked straight from your significant other’s back. To make this jersey and jeans combo feel more ~you~ just pop on your favey accessories—which in this instance is a pair of block heels and a designer handbag. Now order those eggs in style, girl. (And send our sincerest apologies to your boo).

SHOP THE LOOK: Throw on a Tommy Hilfiger jersey, a pair of Re/Done jeans, a vintage Chanel handbag and you’re g2g.

The “French Girl Style-Apropos, But Make It American” Look 

Make like Parisian beauty Lamia and lean into the french-girl style aesthetic—carels and cropped wide-leg jeans—but give it a NYC twist with a tourist symbol t-shirt. Or in other words, get you an outfit that can do both.
SHOP THE LOOK: This Yankees shirt was purchased from best-ever NYC vintage store Duo NYC, and is paired perfectly with these Loup NYC jeans, a pair of Carel heels and a Rouje handbag.

The “Preppy-Meets-Street” Look 

A collared shirt paired with pastel coloured slides and black jeans is henceforth my go-to transeasonal uniform, in case you were wondering. The addition of tortoise sunglasses and gold hoops will tsjuz the whole thang up, whilst still allowing the outfit to retain its everyday charm.
SHOP THE LOOK: Acne is responsible for the cute shirt and shoes. Wear them with these pants and sunnies to complete the look.

The “Model-Off-Duty” Look

I don’t think I’ll ever tire of the ol’ stereotypical model-off-duty vibe, which is maybe because I am, for the most part, an incredibly lazy dresser. Give me an outfit recipe comprising of only two ingredients, any day. An oversized pair of old Levis paired with a vintage t-shirt, luggage belt and vans will have you looking cool as a cucumber all day, everyday.
SHOP THE LOOK: Grab a pair of Levi jeans in a nice and roomy size, and pair with old skool vans, a graphic  t-shirt and a snug belt.

The “Ultimate Holiday-Goer” Look 

Personally, I couldn’t be more stoked with our recent collective obsession with Hawaiian shirts. Every time I slip one on, I feel like I’m one button away from catching the next flight to the infamous archipelago to slurp Mai Tai’s and live out the rest of my days as the ultimate dad on holiday. Paired with slip-on white sneakers and a pair of light denim jeans, this fresh look is the sartorial equivalent of a cocktail umbrella (and a warm respite from the tired jeans/white t-shirt ensemble).
SHOP THE LOOK: NZ-based label Lucky Dip can cater to your BFPAS (Big Fat Party Animal Shirt) needs, and look primo paired with a trusty pair of Reformation jeans and slip-on vans.