3 Actually Cool Outfits To Wear To Your Corporate Job

corporate dressing

Dress codes are made to be interpreted, right?

Working in an office environment like COH,that doesn’t adhere to a corporate dressing is both a blessing and a curse, depending on who you ask and when (me after a rare shopping spree VS. me on most days when I’ve got nothing to wear).

Crippling indecision—combined with a love of snoozing and proclivity for buying statement pieces that make absolutely no sense in the context of my wardrobe—means that I mostly wish I could just wake up and throw on a uniform.

At age 10 I decided I wanted to be a lawyer when I grew up. Legally Blonde came out around this time and was probably the catalyst behind this particular career aspiration. Since this brief dalliance is about as close as I’ve come to working a corporate job, I wasn’t too sure just how deeply these dress codes ran. To acquire the necessary qualifications to be scheming up these office-appropriate outfits, I turned to my IRL friends who work in the corporate world.

The first friend I consulted works in government policy and gave this response: “Most workplaces have a ‘wear clothes appropriate to your tasks’ type vibe to avoid negativity from prescriptive dress codes, so really anything goes at my workplace.” A good start.

Another friend (who actually is a lawyer) gave me a list of all the rules: high-waists, lots of black, grey and beige, only one fun piece, no big jewellery, jeans on Friday, and no cut-outs.

But perhaps the best reminder came from a friend who works in marketing, who reinforced the idea that the “the office is not a nightclub” so “don’t wear anything too short or revealing.” Noted.

With the above counsel behind me, I bring you 3 outfits that say both, I take this job very seriously, and, It’s called fashion, look it up. 


White roll-neck, H&M | Pinstripe trousers, JACQUEMUS | Black loafers, & OTHER STORIES



Checked blazer, BALENCIAGA | Nude vest, MANGO | Black trousers, BAUKJEN | Perspex shoes, CULT GAIA



Black blouse, & OTHER STORIES | Blue jeans, RAEY | Black slingbacks, DOLCE & GABBANA | Gold chain, ALIGHIERI | Leather watch, MARC JACOBS


Words: @madw0n