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Easy on the eye, easy on the feet.

Every now and then, a trend comes along that is so great it makes me wanna throw a victorious fist into the air, not unlike a boy in a coming-of-age romance film might after he finally nabs a date with his crush. The Great Sneaker Revival of 2014 was one such trend, and in great news for feet everywhere, it still doesn’t look like it’ll be departing anytime soon (or hopefully ever), due to the style after style of the coolest new sneakers, emerging every season.

At present, I can safely say that around 80% of my shoe collection comprises of sneakers, and that figure is only on the rise. Part of their charm lies in their versatility. There are so many different styles available at our fingertips (as evidenced in our shopping edit below), so you can constantly hit refresh on your everyday wardrobe by switching up the style you opt for. My sneaker trajectory over the years goes a little something like this: Converse, Adidas, Vans slip-ons, Supergas, Vejas, and most recently Nike. What are yours?

Sneakers go with almost everything in my wardrobe. Unlike a lot of other shoes in my life, they also do not seem to have a personal vendetta against my feet, and therefore all matter of blisters, calluses and high heel-induced ankle injuries have plummeted as a result of wearing them most days. The trend, for me, is essentially the style equivalent of the #NoMakeup movement when it comes to playing into my laziness and desire for comfort always. I bloody love them. 

To celebrate the shoe of all shoes, and in partnership with the rest of the COH team, I’ve rounded up the coolest new sneakers to shop on the internet right now. Get acquainted below!

Words: @madw0n

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