17 Cool But Casj Sweaters You Need RN

'Round the clock hugs.

ICYMI, I’m a hoodie advocate. I love ‘em. Always have, always will. They’re comfortable AF and never fail to make me feel as though I’m being snuggled by a loved one. Who would deny themselves the joy of wearing a permanent hug? Not this gal.

Despite this unwavering love for the humble hoodie, I have struggled in the past to make them look chic and not as if I’d just rolled off the couch and onto the streets. Luckily for moi, the *fash* gods recently intervened. Over the past few months, I’ve been noticing (and luving) how brands are bringing loungewear back into the *fash* world with a bang (here’s looking at you Daisy, Vetements, YEEZY, and Helmut Lang).

Thanks to this intervention from the higher powers, I no longer feel self-conscious leaving the house wearing my no.1 hugger. A true miracle. But look, if you’re not quite ready to deep dive into the Great Hoodie Trend Of 2018, I get it, and I have prepared some additional in-between weather warmer suggestions accordingly. Perhaps a classic grey sweater to take you back to your childhood, or a neutral coloured cardigan to channel your inner grandmother? Whatever it is you’d feel more comfortable and le chic in, I’ve made a little edit of my favourite casual but cool sweaters for you to pick from below. Ur welcome.


friends not food

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Let’s save the best for first, shall we? The hoodie is the perf option for these not-hot-but-also-not-freezing months. I pair my hoodies with tailored pants, leather boots and a killer handbag for a ‘Big City Life’ vibe (I pretend I live in NYC most days). My main hoodie crush atm is this Helmut Lang one (now you can all experience the daily snuggles I have with Mr Lang (ha)!). I also love this OFF-WHITE number, and this CITYSHOP classic long-sleeve
number for a more tradish take on the trend. 


Sweaters are a no brainer, with a classic silhouette that will keep you snug as a bug or cool as a cucumber. Real talk tho: grab a black one and you will never not look sharp. A grey one, on the other hand, will bring you closer to becoming Kanye (if that’s what you’re into). And you’d be remiss not to invest in a a red one, because, well, french. Hot tip: I prefer men’s sweaters as I find they have a nice round neckline with a ticket collar.

My picks are: this Holiday The Label hoodie for when you’re feeling #fun, this Eckhaus Latta Logo sweater for when you’re feeling #fashion, this American Apparel Unisex Fleece for when you’re feeling #functional, and this Base Range bad boy when you’re feeling all of the above at once.


do it without a shirt

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We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again—cardigans are back in full force (no doubt) and, look, we couldn’t be more #stoked about it. They’re perfect layered on top of a slip dress, or with a pair of your favey denim booty huggers. I am v lucky, and had the most amazing vintage cropped cardigans passed down to me from my grandmother. But you’re also v lucky, because I’ve managed to find the new and updated version by Organic by John Patrick. He also does a range of ribbed cardigans which are just simply to *die* for. Evidence below.

My picks: the aforementioned Organic by John Patrick grey cardi (b), this Uniqlo cashmere one, this Jovonna Cold-Shoulder cardi, or this Comme Des Garçons one!


I’m pretty tight knit with tight knits. I’m a believer that if you decide to go loose on the bottom (palazzo pants, suit pants, boyfriend jeans), then you MUST wear tight on top. Hence why I feel so strongly about tight knits, and in particular that they are the perfect jumper for these confusing in-between seasons. Organic by John Patrick has done it again (bow down), and come up with the ~goodz~ for you and me. How about a royal blue one (so topical)? Or a neon yellow one to spice up yo lyf? This Base Range one is also super kawaii.


Bitch stole my look.

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Look, I probably love an oversized knit as much as I do a tight one. I’m just a knit kinda gal, you know? Same as with hoodies, these guys are just a big ol’ snuggle fest. Ganni nail the oversized knit every single time winter rolls around, IMO. I love this one of theirs, this hot pink one too. This Eckhaus Latta red and white knit, on the other hand, is the definition of fleeky.