The Best Wardrobe Basics, According To The COH Team

coh wardrobe basics

The best basics for non-basics.

Wearing fun statement pieces can make you feel as if you’re on a beach slurping back a margarita, team COH wardrobe basics are akin to the sweet, sweet feeling of returning home to your bed after a long trip. Familiar, secure and comfy, they’re our longstanding BFFs; the ones we turn to when we feel like we’ve got nowhere else to go.

Come the weekend, I generally find getting dressed to be a joyous activity. In my mind, I am Cher in Clueless—except instead of owning her dream virtual closet, I pluck outfits from my wardrobe and/or floordrobe exclusively. Having to construct different outfits for full-time work that tread the line between fashionable, professional and comfortable, however, is a different story entirely. Often when I’m in the throes of an “I’ve got nothing to wear” tantrum, crumpled on the floor surrounded by my entire wardrobe, I yearn for the simplicity of school, whereby our daily outfits were predetermined by virtue of a mandatory uniform. In the absence of such a thing, I’m currently trying to piece together a uniform of my own. A hard task, given that my purchases are generally driven by emotional attachments to clothes (like a fuchsia pink op-shop find). 

That’s where the rest of the COH team come into play. Where they lack in basic personalities, they make up for with their impressive knowledge of the best basics on the market. Case in point: the below roundup of COH’s favourite wardrobe staples…  

HANES X KARLA | The Baby cotton-jersey cropped T-shirt

Carmen, Founder


“I loooove all the basics in the Hanes x Karla collab. They’re the perfect boyfriend fit with a high neck and crisp white cotton. I usually wear high-waisted pants, so I find their cropped tee to be the perfect partner in crime for this (no tucking-in required!) And, well, if it’s good enough for Kaia Gerber, it’s good enough for me.”


“My dungaree dress is the ultimate layering piece! I wear everything from basic t-shirts to cute blouses under mine, pending whether I’m going for a casual look or whether I want it to feel a bit more ~refined~. If I’m being completely real with myself/you, the reason I love mine so much is because of how comfy it is—if it were acceptable, I’d wear it for weeks on end. I opt for black denim over blue, because it ensures my outfits look a bit more sophisticated and grown up.”

BASSIKE | High-Rise Slim-Fit Jeans

Madeleine, Content Editor


“If you were to crunch the numbers, you’d find that I’ve lost many years of my life searching for the perfect pair of jeans. It’s with a small tear of joy in my eye, then, that I can finally say that the hunt is officially over and it’s all thanks to Bassike. These bad boys tick all the boxes when it comes to providing the ideal denim housing situation for legs the world over — they’re flattering (i.e. they gently cup my butt and aren’t high-waisted to the point of elongating it), they’re the perf level of snug/comfy, and aren’t an awkward length.”


“I first fell in love with Mimi Holvast’s linen-centric label back when she started making the jumpsuits of my dreams a few years back. I’ve since graduated to her strappy mini dress, which is the best transseasonal wardrobe staple ever. EVER! Wear with sandals or sneakers in summer for an easy breezy vibe, and then once winter rolls around, pop on a turtleneck, stockings and pair of boots for a cool ‘n’ casual lewk. ILY, MH!”

JAC+JACK | Constructor Pant, Black

Georgie, Creative Assistant


These trousers are the best ever! They’re super easy to throw on in the morning and you can style them with *literally* any top you want. The flattering length means they can also be easily paired with any and all shoes—from heels to sandals, and everything in between. A++ for their super flattering shape, too.”


PAR FEMME | One Shoulder Singlet


Par Femme make the cutest basics, and I particularly love this one shouldered number. It’s such an interesting take on a normal basic singlet, and is made from really beautiful ribbed fabric. It’s not too thick, which means it’s the perfect option to wear with everything from jeans to a midi skirt. It comes in black (which I own too), but I’ve been particularly enamoured by the white in summer.”

RAG & BONE | White Tee
Olive, Executive Assistant 


“I find myself wearing this Rag & Bone white tee almost erryday. A classic crewneck with short sleeves, the tee has a slimmer fit, which is great for tucking into high-waisted skirts or pants. It’s super soft, and I find it doesn’t lose shape or colour in the wash, which is more than ideal.”


“Since I bought these Bassike jeans last month, I haven’t taken them off. A classic slim fit with just the right length crop at the ankle, these jeans have become a go-to staple in my wardrobe.”

ZADIG & VOLTAIRE | Panda pants
Jai, Editorial Assistant


“I love me a good pair of structured, tailor-made male suit pants. I’ve been stealing my step dad’s Gucci and Helmut Lang vintage trousers for as long as I can remember, but have recently invested in my very own pair by Zadig & Voltaire. Congrats me! They go with everything from my trusty Bonds singlet in summer to the entirety of my winter wardrobe.”


“While I generally opt for a classic Bonds chesty (move over, Ryan Atwood), I’ve been drawn to the more femme iteration of late. I wear my singlets all year round (not a fan of the long-sleeve, tbh), and these come in at $10, making the cost per wear off the charts. Love you, Bonds!

Words, @madw0n
Photography, @ryancullen