Celebrating WOMEN With Calvin Klein (Video Series)

calvin klein women

In collaboration with Calvin Klein.

When CHRONICLES OF HER relaunched in 2017, it was because we wanted to share the stories of not just one woman – but many women. Since then, the site has become an ode to women everywhere; their style, their creativity, their thoughts.

So when Calvin Klein asked us to collaborate on the launch of their new fragrance WOMEN, it seemed like the perfect fit.

We wanted to explore the many different sides to women and the relationships that exist between them; the soft side, the strong side, the intelligent side, the inquisitive side, the curious side, the sensual side, the supportive, caring and nurturing side. But what became even more evident as we delved deeper into the project, was the way that women together bring out each other’s best sides.

Women play many different roles in society. We’re mothers, lovers, friends, sisters, teachers, carers, providers, and it’s our special bonds with each other that help us to thrive.

The women featured in the video series below are a testament to this, and we hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed working on it.

calvin klein womenSISTERS

Indira, Elena & Isoldé



Matilda & Olivia


calvin klein womenLOVERS

Ella & Lola


calvin klein womenTWINS

Sabine & Nakisha


calvin klein womenCHRONICLES TEAM

Jai, Georgie, Maddy & Carmen

Shot & directed by @carmengracehamilton
Video editing @lainyblack