7 Beach Accessories Trends To Get Onboard With RN

Life's a beach.

Despite the fact that I am currently shivering at my desk in an oversized woollen jumper, I have well and truly convinced myself that summer is just around the bend (it’s not). I have stopped looking at winter coats all together, and have instead been furnishing my shopping baskets with sarongs, high-cut swimwear, silk blouses and head scarfs instead. Fake tan has become my ride or die beauty product, and I nary watch a movie these days that doesn’t involve two people falling in love on vacation. Does shopping so far in advance of a season speak to my efficacy, or is this is a byproduct of lurking Instagram too often, whereby everyone in the entire world bar me seems to be on holidays in Europe? Either way, you better believe I am ready for the best summer of my life!

It’s not set in stone yet, but I’m thinking my vibe for the warmer months this year will be 15-year-old coastal gal (i.e. the old me) meets rich Italian woman holidaying on the Amalfi Coast meets 80s prom. My online shopping habits of late confirm this melange of ~mewds~. One minute I’ll be all up in Etsy’s grill trying to find a pair of 90s metallic strappy stilettos, and then next I’ll be tossing up which colour Havaianas will be making their debut alongside a turquoise triangle bikini on the beach this year (the current frontrunner is the brazil logo in black, in case you were wondering). The overarching theme is to ‘have fun’ with getting dressed—a big, healthy step away from the whole minimalism/normcore/effortless tip that’s dominated my life for the past few years.

Since I anticipate spending 99.9% of my free time at the beach once summer rolls around, I want to make sure my beach steez is as fly as possible. If you’re also keen on being the best version of yourself this summer, step right up, ‘cause below is a little beach accessories shopping edit that I prepared earlier. See you on the sand!


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I’ve always been partial to anklets, a.k.a the bracelets of the leg world. Along with toe rings, there is just something so satisfying about bedazzling your trotters. Once I slip a little gold anklet on, I am instantly transported to holidaying in Bali back in 2005. Ah, the glory days. Cowrie shell anklets were a staple of mine for years, and while I’m still kinda vibing them (especially after spying them on the ankles of one Courtney Trop ^), a more *mature* me is all about that gold lyfe.

SPLURGE: This nameplate puppy is pure, unadulterated joy, as is this beautiful multi-coloured beaded anklet.

SAVE: Etsy is a treasure trove for cowrie shell anklets (see here for proof), but if you’re more into that gold vibe, then this one should fit the bill!

Bandeau Tops

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What’s more fun than wearing a bra as a top? Nothing! These bad boys are great under sheer blouses or with a silk midi skirt (like this absolute #bargain that I literally just bought, or this other slightly more expensive but truly divine one) for a beach-to-bar nighttime lewk, or paired with pleated trousers à la dream girl Eliana Rodriguez.

SPLURGE: Okay, okay, okay, I am close to hyperventilating, ’cause I just stumbled upon the best damn top I’ve ever seen. It’s here, and if you buy it for me, I’ll love you forever. This black bandeau top is much more affordable, and would be much easier to incorporate into your everyday style, I’ll admit.

SAVE: I knew I could count on Glassons for a cost-effective take on this trend, and they more than provided with this mesh-back number. If you’re after a mid-range top, Ciao Lucia make some really cute white ones!

Body chains


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Body chains will make you feel like you are the star of your very own noughties R&B video clip, 100% money-back guarantee. You’ll especially feel like a kween if you douse yourself in Tom Ford’s Soleil Blanc Shimmering Oil before unleashing your chain onto the world.

SPLURGE: Sorry to get all hyperbolic on you, but this body chain is the nicest thing I’ve ever seen in my liiiife. Yours too? Cool! Let it be known that I also wouldn’t hate being the proud owner of this beautiful bad boy.

SAVE: If you want to be a bit kinder on your wallet, then this affordable red body chain looks super kewl both on bare skin and over a t-shirt, as does this mini jewel body chain!


A Moroccan story with @faithfullthebrand #faithfulltravels

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I basically just want to wear a sarong so I can whip out the following dad joke wherever I go: ‘sarong it’s right’.

SPLURGE: This Ganni sarong is SO NICE (and there’s a matching bikini and scrunchie if you wanna go all out), and this Paradised Tasseled sarong just went on sale, so get in quick, friends! Would probs sell my future firstborn child for this Ganni leopard print sarong.

SAVE: This JETS sarong is great, and it’s only seventy dollarydoos!

Head Scarfs

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Head scarfs will be the most versatile accessory in your arsenal (you can wear them around your neck as a scarf, in your hair or as a top!).

SPLURGE: This Bess scarf is pure #goals (and is big enough to be worn as a top), as is this Deadly Ponies one. It should go without saying that this Gucci silk scarf is the epitome of luxury.

SAVE: If your budget doesn’t allow for such things as Gucci head scarfs, DW this ASOS one is a super affordable, cute alternative!

Sunglass Chains

I am sooo here for trends that are as cute as they are practical, and eyewear chains hit both these criteria. They’re especially helpful if (like me) you are prone to losing all your belongings, all the time.

SPLURGE: This Frame Chain one is minimalism at its finest, but if you’re looking to really turn heads, this Chloe one should do the trick. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t head-over-heels in this one also.

SAVE: This Neon Hart chain will keep your sunnies company in affordable style.


Now that you’ve purchased a cute AF chain, it’s time to adorn your face with some luxe new sunglasses. I’m still here for small glasses, but if Instagram is any indication, the bigger the better for summer 2018/19.

SPLURGE: Throw shade in style with these oversized Fendi sunglasses, or play it cool as a cucumber in these red oval frame ones.

SAVE: For a more cost-effective way to shield your retinas, these Le Specs cat-eye sunglasses should do the trick. Also, these Le Specs ‘The Heartbreaker’ sunglasses are actually so cute they almost made good on their name by snapping my heart in two.

Words, Madeleine Woon