3 Fresh Ways To Wear Your Leather Jacket

With the help of our favourite Instagram gals.

I’m not sure if y’all caught a glimpse of my MBFWA Day 1 outfit (here it is!) Now that you’ve eyeballed it, it should be pretty evident that leather just does it for me. This #obsession all started back in Year 10 at high school—the year I sold my soul (and handed over all of my babysitting savings) to the most beautiful Gucci leather blazer I ever did see. Matte black, double breasted, sleek, chic and bloody HAWT 2 TROT. Obsessed. Since then I’ve collected 6 different styles of leather jackets (bye $$$), and let me tell you, I’m not stopping anytime soon.

Along with this obsession came a want (edit: need) if you will, to style my babies in a way other than *grungy teenager*. TBH, it wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be, as spring was at my doorstep and dresses just looked friggen kewt with my biker jacket (you know that babysitting money I mentioned earlier? I spent a good chunk of it on this bad boy, as well). 

I’d like to think I’ve come to be a master in the art of styling leather jackets—from dresses and mini skirts, all the way down to the trusty trouser. To show off my dressing abilities (hehe, jokes, to help you get dressed no matter the season), I’ve thrown together some outfits that are as snazzy as they are delightful. With a lil’ help from my fave girls on the internet, of course!  

Oversized ‘n’ Preppy

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Acne’s Velocite leather-trimmed shearling jacket has been on my wishlist since day dot. Oversized goodness paired with a pleated mini skirt or a black turtle neck knit and a pair of killer boots.. Ded.

Sleek Classic

This is my regular uniform—biker jacket, white chesty singlet and a pair of my favourite black trousers. Always easy to pop on, always easy on the eyes.

Sassy Summer Vibes

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Devon again, because, cute. I’ll never not vibe that vintage summer chicky babe look. A classic biker almost ALWAYS looks perfect paired with a vintage-look mini dress. Cute classic sneakers with some above ankle white socks. Did I mention CUTE?

Words, Jai Kaldor