Jewellery Trends That Will Make Any Outfit *Pop*

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I literally feel naked without my rings on. My rings are beyond a necessity to me, they are part of who I am (the fact that this makes me kinda sound like Gollum is not lost on me, lel). This is in part because of how sentimental I am (each one has a spesh memory attached to it), and partly because I feel an outfit is never fully complete without jewellery. I’m of the strong opinion that you can wear a downright b-ooooring outfit, but chuck on an amazing necklace and/or pair of earrings, and your metamorphosis into a ~style icon~ is complete. Jewellery is a form of self-expression—a reflection of your personality, if you will.

My jewellery mostly reflects what kind of mood I’m in. Daily, I tend to wear a medley of silver chains, which has been my thang since high school (I’m especially partial to DIY mitre 10 chainz), although if I wake up feeling like a big happy ball of sunshine and rainbows, I tend to pop on my colourful beaded charm necklace (also a DIY, courtesy of Spotlight), or my COH crystal gem earrings.

I also feel that you can tell a lot about someone by the jewellery they wear. Generally, the gals I know that are into fine gold jewellery are of a softer nature, and my gal pals who are into colourful, thick and bold jewellery are usually more outgoing. This is undisputed fact***.

Because jewellery is the beez kneez, I’ve put together a shopping edit of all the best jewellery trends of the moment, all of which will make any outfit sing (and loudly!)


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Lately we’ve been seeing a lot of colourful statement pieces cutting around, and let the record state that I am very into it. As I said above, I wear colourful jewels when I’m feeling like a ‘big happy ball of sunshine and rainbows’, so I am hella down for this current craze. Brands like Tuza Jewelry make really cute colourful goodies out of resin. Roxanne Assoulin‘sTechnicolor Rainbow Necklace‘ and ‘Technicolor Rainbow Drop Earrings made from Swarovski crystals are simply to die for, our very own COH ‘You’re A Gem‘ earrings will make you feel like a milli bucks (I have them in every colour, which will all be available on the COH shop, ~watch this space~), and Delicate Porcelain are bringing back all the childhood feels with their *awwww* worthy lettered bead bracelets and necklaces!


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Pearls are a classic—always have been, always will be. They remind me of my grandma (which is a great thing, ’cause she was ever so chic and classy). She would wear simple teardrop pearl earrings with red lipstick, and that was the only real accessorising she would do. Amazing. Heaps of brands are bringing back the pearl of late, with Holly Ryan and her ‘Classic Pearl Drop‘ earrings, or Sarah & Sebastian’sPerle Heirloom Ring‘ being two of my favourite iterations of the trend. Although, I have to say that Jasmin Sparrow takes the cake for me with the ‘Pia Drops‘ in gold from the JS x ENA collection. I’m in love.


Layering has been in for more than a wee minute, though it never seems to disappoint. This is a funny one for me. I only generally wear silver jewellery, however in the summer time after I’ve caught a *glowing* tan, I envision myself opting for gold necklaces, and then layering the sh*t out of them. I feel like a sexy Italian woman ready to take on the world when I’m dripping in gold, and I’m so into that ~vibe~ (can’t wait for summer 2k18/19). By the way, by layering, I literally mean wearing three to five necklaces of all different lengths and styles on top of one another. This can either look super messy (you need to know when enough is enough), or super fr3$h. Catbird always have the perfect chains for layering!



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Shells as accessories? Yay or nay? I say YAY, because it takes me back to my first trip to Fiji, where I bought home a cowrie shell necklace and didn’t take it off for months. It was so beaut. Jasmin Sparrow taking the cake again purely because of this and this and this and this. Though Sarah & Sebastian also take home a slice of the cake with their ‘Shell 9-karat Gold Diamond Hoop Earring‘—I personally own this, and it is the most beautiful piece of jewellery in my collection. Isabel Marant also do a super cute combo of Cowrie shell earrings, necklace and bangle.



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The plated name necklace trend had its rebirth a while back (which makes sense, since we’re all obsessed with the era that spawned belly chains, low-rise jeans and boots with the furrrr, a.k.a the noughties), but my money is on it continuing to be a trend for many moons to come. You can reaaaaallly lean all the way into your own personal brand by customising a necklace with your name/nickname here.

***Okay, this is based more on personal observation not fact per say, but I stand by it anyway.

Words, Jai Kaldor