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How Do You Like To Workout?

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I had a shocking revelation the other night, you guys. As I sat across from my friend at a wee bar in New Zealand, innocently chipping away at a bottle of Pinot Gris, I admitted that I hadn’t been truly fit since high school. “Hun, that was 10 years ago,” he said, so very casually, as if this news wasn’t about to ruin my evening. ICYMI, 10 years is a decade. A decade is a tenth of a century. I hadn’t been truly fit in a tenth of a century. WTAF.

Sure, I’ve dabbled in various physical exertions since then. I’ve signed up to more gyms and yoga studios than you could throw a kettle bell at, as if the mere act of paying for a gym membership was enough to ensure my physique was living its best life. In reality, I’ve really just been donating money to various corporations in a valiant (read: moronic) effort to keep them afloat. I enjoy gentle but powerful walks around the park, I’m not adverse to a downward dog, and I’d much rather chase fish/toss balls when at the beach than lay in the sun like a shrivelled up lizard.

But lately I’ve been hankering to get proper fit. I’m talking the level of fitness in which hiking up a mountain doesn’t result in the following inner dialogue:

Me: “I am going to die. Turn this body around. NOW!”

Other me: “Just get up the mountain and then I promise we never have to do this again.”

Me: “I’ll probably be dead by then.”

Other me: “One can only hope.”

Funnily enough, despite not having done much serious, long-term exercise in the past tenth of a century, I made the valiant (read: moronic) decision to sign up to a half marathon with a significantly fitter friend of mine recently. It’s on May 19th. Three short months away. Which, as I sit here sweating nervously, leads me to my next question…

How do you like to workout? What physical activities do you recommend I engage in, so I may never engage in the above unhinged inner dialogue again? We’ve already sent our wardrobe’s to boot camp, is it time to send ourselves?

Pop on Kanye West’s ‘The New Workout Plan’ and become my new favourite fitness coach in the comments section below!

Words: @madw0n

Photography: @jaikaldor



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