Help! Does The Perfect White T-Shirt Exist?

Where art thou?

I’m a seasonal wardrobe culler… I jump at the opportunity to throw out (donate) most of my pre-loved clothing every time summer turns to winter, and vice versa. It’s therapeutic, and over the years I’ve increasingly learnt to detach myself from my material possessions. Heading into the warmer months in the Southern Hemisphere means I’ve already dropped off four bags full to my local Red Cross donation bin. In those four bags I assume I must have thrown in every-single-white-tee-I-have-ever-had because none remain in my wardrobe. Literally.

This morning I put on my colourful red stripped pants and whinged for longer than I care to admit that I didn’t have any tops to pair them with. I though to myself, where da heck have all of my white t-shirts gone? Had I really thrown them ALL out?! If so… Why?!?!?! I took a minute, and then remembered it’s because I grew to hate them all. I had around 8 shirts from memory, and none of them even came close to cutting the mustard. They were either too tight around my underarms, the material balled up after only a couple of wears, they shrunk in the wash, or the fabric wasn’t breathable in the summer. I mean, you buy a white t-shirt expecting it be the cornerstone and most go-to staple in your wardrobe, right?

Anyway, I need a new white tee. Not just any—the perfect white tee. Cut above the hips and relatively fitted (though not fitted enough to touch my armpits), I need one that doesn’t discolour and is just the lightest most delicate, breathable and softest material in the world.

Sources say Jac+Jack do a mean white tee, as do Acne and Rag & Bone. Can anyone confirm? Or—do you have any other recommendations? Help a sista out and her armpits/wardrobe out by sharing all your hot white t-shirt tips below. I’ll be forever grateful!

Words, Jai Kaldor | Image, FEEL jeans