What Podcasts Are You Obsessed With RN?

My ears deserve to know.

Guys, I recently fulfilled my lifelong dream of starting a *successful* IRL book club (note: success here is measured by more than one person joining, and committing to meeting up in excess of one time). Yes, yes, it’s all very exciting and commendable, I know. In a very 2018 plot-twist, though, the club has sorta shape-shifted from discussions of our favourite novels to chatting through the podcasts that have been fuelling our workouts, commutes to work, flights overseas and lengthy weekend sessions spent laying motionlessly in bed staring at the ceiling.

The hottest contenders to come from book-turned-podcast club so far, for me, have been: Love Stories with Dolly Alderton (a really charming look at all the different loves that exist in the world) and How To Fail With Elizabeth Day (a podcast dedicated to successful women detailing the failures that have made them who they are today). I recently added publisher/impressive human Alison Rice’s newly-launched Offline to this rotation of inspiring ear treats, and especially enjoyed the episode where she sits down for an honest chat with our very own Carmen Hamilton about “life on the other side of the filter.” 10/10 recommend.

While it’s a weird situation to find oneself in, I feel like I have over-indexed on music recently. Maybe I need a new playlist? Or maybe, I just desperately need you to tell me what your favourite podcasts are?*

*Def the latter. Pretty, pretty please deposit all your podcast recommendations below. I may need a break from music, but that doesn’t mean my ears should have to go lonely, right?