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Who Is Your Style Inspiration?

Tell us in the comments!

Mine always has and probably always will be Alexa Chung.

Are you over me talking about her yet?

I know I am but somehow I manage to slip her into absolutely everything I write.

It’s because she’s nailed cool but wearable down to a T (-shirt! Get it!?), from vintage to basics AC knows wassup.

For those, who are like me and actually can’t get enough, you should check the shopping edit of pieces straight from her wardrobe.

Seriously, I tracked them down myself.

She’s just #blessed us with her new collection (someone buy me the blue suit please!?) and now I need Hollywood to make the Alexa Chung movie, the costumes will be off the chain.

Clearly, I need new inspiration as it sounds like I am crossing the border from fangirl to stalker.

So do tell (in the comments below), who is YOUR style inspiration?

Words: @lainyblack



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