Talk It Out

What’s Your Go-To Salad Recipe?

Lettuce know.

Guys, you’ve gotta help me out here. If I have to look at another tuna and rice salad I might just scream. For the past year or so I have happily leaned on it as my ‘ride or die’ mid-week salad for reasons of being delicious, filling, and super cost-friendly. Recently, though, I have begun to harbour an irrational distain for the ol’ tuna and rice salad. Too much of a good thing, I suppose. 

That’s where you come in. My tastebuds are hankering for a new flavour combo, and my workmates have had it up to ~here~ with listening to my tragic salad woes. I’m not looking for anything too *fancy* mind you, just something that will mildly impress those around me, and which will keep my insides nice and happy.

Pls pull me out of my salad rut by sharing your fave go-to salad recipe below. Let’s win friends with salad, shall we?

Words, @madw0n