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What’s Been Your Favourite Movie Of 2018 So Far?

Grab some popcorn, and I'll meet you in the comments section!

Whereas 2017 failed us miserably in terms of delectable films, 2018 has been busy pumping out nothing but cinematic bangers. I have wept, I have laughed, I have raged, and I have been forced to scoop the pieces of my brain off various cinema floors after many, many brilliant film-induced implosions. That’s an extensive emotional spectrum, especially given that we are only in March.

I’m no Oscars judge, but if I were, these are the films that would have stolen my votes:

Lady Bird for explaining the tricky, complex and nuanced mother-daughter relationship better than any other film ever has (love you, Greta, love you, Saoirse), Black Panther for championing feminism and diversity (also, the insanely sick costume design), and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri for the best ever performance by Frances McDormand (the cool Aunt I always wish I had).

Through a combination of friends bailing on me, me bailing on friend dates, a lack of funds and a recent spike in my weeknight laziness, I have not yet had the chance to drop by the cinema to watch Call Me By Your Name, Red Sparrow, A Wrinkle In Time or The Shape of Water. Go on, sue me.

I know I’m essentially asking you to pick your favourite child* here, but what has been your favourite movie of 2018 so far, and why?

*For the love of god, please don’t ask my mum this question, I am truly terrified to hear the answer.

Words: @madw0n