The Most Iconic On-Screen Friendships Of All Time

And the lessons they taught us.

I grew up in a small coastal town on the mid-north coast of Australia, which meant that a sizeable chunk of my youth revolved around the beach. And, with the beach came an almost Puberty Blues-esque relationship with boys. When I wasn’t sun-baking or eating hot chips at the local beach-side diner, I was out in the surf “flirting” with whatever surfer boi I was smitten with at the time (this mostly involved ignoring them completely). 

One school holiday, me and my best friend Hannah holed up inside her room for two straight weeks and watched every single season of Gilmore Girls. We decided that hanging out with each other and binge-watching TV was far superior than chasing boys down at the beach that summer, which was incredibly abnormal social behaviour for two 14-year-old girls from Port Macquarie. While our love of the beach has superseded our love of hanging out in dark rooms watching TV since, our friendship is even stronger thirteen years on. Ily, beb!

Gilmore Girls was one of the OGs for me when it came to shows/movies championing female friendships. And I haven’t looked back since. Since there’s no greater feeling than seeing your own friendships mirrored on the big screen—and ’cause it’s Friendship Week, duh—we rounded up the most iconic on-screen friendships of all time. Take a walk through memory lane, and then organise a sleepover with your BFF where you binge-watch ’em all! 

Sex and the City

As Samantha once said of their friendship, “We made a deal ages ago… men, babies, it doesn’t matter. We’re soul mates.” The four women may have talked about men A LOT, but they were there to build each other up, teach each other valuable lessons about friendship, and most importantly, provide us with #wardrobegoals at every turn. If you and your besties never squabbled over who was which character, were you even besties at all?

Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants

Like, honestly, is there a better plot for a film than a pair of jeans that fit four best friends who all have wildly different body shapes?

While the friendship between the four main characters was a heart-warming lesson in being there for your mates always, the subplot between cancer-victim Bailey and Tibby deserves its own special shout out, because it showed that friendships often have the power to defy societal expectations (like age!).


Even though they whole cast are all technically friends with each other, Monica and Rachel were each other’s rocks through everything. True ride or dies. 

Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion

The fact that my 10-year reunion is this year still makes me want to cry. But, shout outs to my main girl’s Romy and Michelle for remaining firm BFFs a decade on from finishing school. Also, if you don’t claim to have invented something at your high school reunion, are you even real?


Even though the basis for their friendship probs wouldn’t hold up under a 2018 lens (“She’s my friend because we both know what it’s like for people to be jealous of us”), they were still the BFFs of our dreams growing up. Their matching outfits, their advice for each other, and being each other’s lunch dates no matter what were just some of the reasons why. Remember that scene where they’re on their giant flip phones to each other in the hallway? Iconic.

Broad City

Yassss, BFFs. There’s literally no greater display of a deep, binding friendship on-screen than Abbi and Illana. They are absolutely smitten with one another (Illana especially), and are all about celebrating life together. Their friendship never revolved around men, unlike so many other on-screen ones do. 

Gossip Girl

While their friendship was defs flawed AF, Serena and Blair were ultimately there for each other in the end. Anyone else shed a tear when S told B: “We went through it together. We raised each other.” Just me? Ok, cool.

Thelma and Louise

These gals were the OG BFFs. Outside of going on the ultimate road trip, they’re the most bad ass friends ever.

Absolutely Fabulous

These two women were the true loves of each other’s lives. Outside of wine, that is. They were always there for one another, and you can bet they were always down to carpe the diem right out of life together. 

Words, Madeleine Woon