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Favourite hangout in your city?

A local's recommendations make the WORLD of difference. 

Have you ever jumped out of a cab in a city you don’t know and wondered where to go next? I HAVE.

I wanted to eat sushi in Tokyo but after one look at the overwhelming number of neon signs, I followed the only one that was all too familiar… that golden M lighting the way to my Fish Filet.

I’m originally from London and it’s in my bones to move around. When travelling, all I wish to do is live like the locals, but if I rely on old mate Google, I find myself in a sweaty backpacker bar covered in beer.

After dating an Australian, I actually followed him home to Melbourne. I may have lost the love for him along the way but I totally gained a three-page list of all the best go-tos. Back then, I couldn’t have felt more at home in Blackcat Fitzroy (even though I couldn’t have been further away from my actual home, The Uxbridge Arms in London).

Now, living in Sydney, you’ll find me at Neighbourhood, Bondi (every/any day). We even have our work meetings there because Carmen’s addicted to the Royale with Cheese.

So to help make-up for lost time in places like Piccadilly Circus, we want to turn this article into a local’s guide to the entire world.

Let’s compile a list of hangouts from your hometown/new places you’ve been so we can always have good coffee and great times abroad.

By Lainy Black.

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