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What Is Your Go-To Beauty Look?

Tell us in the comments!

The CHRONICLES OF HER team, without a doubt, shares (and wears!) a similar style.

And this is not exclusive to our wardrobes because when it comes to beauty, we stick to the barely there/effortless/’I woke up like this’ (or ‘I’m running late!’) aesthetic.

Why? Because this can be achieved in 10 minutes (it takes Carmen 7! Seriously, you’ve gotta watch her, here.)!

It’s very convenient and all it involves is a little coverage, lip tint, a flick of mascara and definition in the brows. The bonus being that a touch of eyeliner and lipstick will take us from day to night, particularly if we have 24-hour coverage. It’s like 2 looks in 1.

But we’re not here to talk about us, we want to hear about you.

Is your go-to beauty look exactly like ours or do you do something completely different? Are you a dark red or nude lip? Smokey or cat-eye flicks? Do you have any tips for a speedy beauty look and what’s your secret from taking it from day to night?



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