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Go-To Brand For Basic T-Shirts?

I basic in #mybasics.

Basic T-shirts are the starting-point of every good wardrobe, basic-ally.

I live in tees but home is usually where I lose them because a housemate (sibling/friend/lover) will claim my favourite crew neck was ‘lost in the wash’. Probably because it’s so hard to decipher the bad from the good until you’ve at least tried – or better yet, worn them in. 

Personally, I think the best basics come from the men’s section or ex-boyfriends. I don’t condone stealing but I may have redeemed the $200 my last boyfriend owed me with basic tees (you know, as ‘interest’). I now have the perfect [ex]boyfriend collection with everything from Calvin Klein to American Apparel, as well as, some newer kids on the block like Basic Rights.

Bassike is Carmen’s go-to (when I asked she didn’t even pause), and many of our #STREE365 features said the same. Other notable mentions went to Rag & Bone, or Bonds if you’re on a budget. 

It’s always worth asking a friend, so check the comments below, leave us a comment and if you’re still shirt searching check the COH team’s favourite brands for basics.



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