This App Determines Your Zodiac Compatibility With Friends

It's written in the stars.

I’m a serial decision-outsourcer. These vary in magnitude, from small-scale choices like how I should take my eggs with breakfast or what colour sneaker I should purchase for summer, to more weighty things like whether I should exit a relationship or how I should navigate a friendship fight. While I’d love to be someone who resolutely backs their life choices, history would conclude that I prefer to have a team of decisive experts (friends) on hand to help at all times.

This indecisive nature makes me a prime candidate for astrology. Not a day goes by where I don’t consult my daily horoscope to determine how I should proceed with my life, instead of, you know, looking inside my own brain/heart. I read and internalise Susan Miller’s monthly horoscopes as if they were fact (tbh, I think they actually might be), and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t book in dates with my housemates tarot deck on the regular.

You can only imagine my elation then when my friend Ryan introduced me to the most amazing astrology app known to woman: Co-star. For all of you still living in the astrology dark ages, the app maps out your astrological natal chart, outlining each planet and its corresponding sign in accordance to the time and place of your birth. Sound confusing to non-astrologist ears? OK, I’ll try again. Basically, you download the app, put in your exact time and place of birth, and it breaks down your birth chart for you with personalised horoscopes for each. (For instance, I am a Cancer, and as it turns out my Sun is in Cancer, my Moon is in Libra, my Rising is in Cancer, my Mercury is in Leo, etc). Each planet/sign combination speaks to a different part of your personality—how you communicate, your emotions/moods, your ego/identity, and so on. 

The best bit of the app, though, is that it allows you to link up with friends and potench lovers to outline your compatibility based on the stars (how soon is too soon to ask their exact time and place of birth, tho?). The app determines whether you are simpatico when it comes to things like your intellect and communication, your moods and emotions, your philosophies of life, and your sense of responsibility. So, just the ~small stuff~, ya know? 

Download it here, and then tell all your friends.