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What Are Your Favourite Instagram Accounts To Follow?

Tell us in the comments!

Instagram stalking is a widely used, yet sorely under-appreciated skill that we’re all dying to master.

A carefully cultivated group of accounts will make your feed a virtual dreamscape and a daily dose of inspiration and eye candy that is tailored to your taste. Nothing quite beats the gratification (or gramification) you get when you’ve found another perfectly curated Instagram.

Some of my favourite accounts include @chroniclesofher_ (obviously), @symmetrybreakfast, @somewhereiwouldliketolive@kellymaker and @ellymcgaw (read her tips on how to style your entire life here).

But, I want to know yours! What are your favourites and why? Whether they are for humour or inspiration, I want to know – tell me in the comments!

Words: @blyjonesing

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