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This guy predicts what you’ll be wearing in 2017

For all our sakes, let's hope he's wrong!

After Vogue declared the death of cleavage late last year (thanks again, 2016), it has become even more difficult for men to predict the direction women’s fashion will take in 2017. Although we certainly didn’t foresee last year’s choker resurgence, thankfully they will be joining wedge sneakers and ‘vintage’ Slayer t-shirts in the *whoops* section of the collective female wardrobe.

It’s safe to say that androgyny is not going anywhere, especially since designers like Vivienne Westwood have shattered the glass runway by walking both men and women in the same show. Similarly, don’t expect to see fewer gals strutting the streets in their best and brightest activewear. Continuing the ‘comfort first’ approach of the past few years, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some long legs cruising down the high street in bath robes.

Where the theme of 2016 seemed to be a mix of irony and nostalgia (hello double denim and Terry Richardson glasses), 2017 looks like it’s heading toward an uncomfortable mixture of hope and uncertainty. For some reason the first look that springs to mind is acid wash denim. Another prediction, and I say this with great hesitation, is that goth/punk thing which haunted most of our teenage years.

For all our sakes, let’s hope I’m wrong.

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Words: @melison1
Image: @lainyblack

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