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Vanessa Marian On Being Yourself & Not Giving A F*ck

Dancer and Founder of Groove Therapy, Sydney

“It’s ridiculous to let your outside define your core. It’s tough though. I’m always precariously treading the fine line between vanity and self-love.”

“Confidence doesn’t mean being happy forever, it’s a shifting force that moves with you. It comes more easily by focusing on what’s important and being surrounded by empowering humans. I’m loving the community of women who lift each other up and admire one another for their intelligence and hustle!”

“My company Groove Therapy is a space for people who have always admired dancers but felt too old/uncoordinated/intimidated to try a class in a big fancy studio.”

“Don’t take yourself seriously, that’s missing the point of dance. Express yourself without rules. Stop being so afraid to touch your own body and feel your fine-self; curves, skin, collarbones – you name it. Run your hands through your hair. Put that yoga lunge training to use and get low.”

Instagram: @vanessamarian_ | Photographer: @danrobertsstudio


Dress, Flynn Skye (similar) | Jacket, G-STAR (similar) |Bag, Lizzie Fortunato