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Vanessa Marian On Navigating Womanhood And Dressing For Yourself

Dancer and Founder of Groove Therapy, Sydney

“My style doesn’t define me. I don’t need threads on my skin to scream a message to prove what I stand for or believe in. It’s ridiculous to let your outside define your core. It’s tough, its treading that fine line between vanity and taking pride in your appearance.”

“I think identity is a beautiful process that we all navigate as we steer through womanhood. Style is just one facet of a woman’s radiance and a defined sense of style is often a reflection of that person’s innate sense of self.”

“My style doesn’t impact my life, my life impacts my style. My clothes are an extension of what I feel like doing or who I feel like being for the day.”

Instagram: @vanessamarian_ | Photographer: @danrobertsstudio


Coat, Zara (SIMILAR)
T-Shirt, Adidas
Pants, Second Hand (SIMILAR)
Shoes, Adidas