Street 365

Talking Art And Originality With French Student Sam Bruelle

Literary student, Paris

“If I were to project myself into the future, I’d like to be an actress. Film interests me, and I find great importance in the role of the actor. For me, cinema represents the flourishing through a fake world but still with a form of reality.”

“Art inspires me and thanks to my family I enjoy multiple mediums. Music helps me get out of myself and starting the day with it gets me in a better mood.”

“I love to mix different styles like street-wear and 70s hippy, paired back with my basics to unify my outfit.”

“I care about what I wear because it’s the first thing that people see. It’s important for me to reflect myself in my outfit. Clothes shouldn’t be a way to hide but instead a way to highlight yourself. I love originality, and it is sad when everything looks the same.”

Photographer: Dan Roberts


Jacket, Vintage (similar)
Jeans, ASOS WHITE (similar)
Sneakers, Nike Cortez