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Nicola Collie On Finding Your Passion

Dance artist & filmmaker, New York

“I’ve built my career through persistence and restlessness. I’m still very much in the ‘building’ stage but there’s a framework that I’ve worked to establish. I’m fortunate enough to know movement and film are my utter passions, so I started creating opportunities for myself, like making my own films, producing shoots with my friends for brands we love, residencies, pitching treatments to designers etc. Of course they don’t all hit the wall and stick, but when they do it’s incredibly rewarding to know the work that went into having a vision and it coming to fruition.”

“I didn’t get hung up on just have one ‘role’ to play. Taking the reigns at times is needed and knowing when to step back is important too. I enjoy the fluctuation between the entirety of making your own work, and having a more singular role in other’s work to bring a vision to life.”

Click here to watch Nicola’s latest film on RUSSH.

Instagram: @niccollie
Photographer: @carmengracehamilton


Jacket, Nobody Denim
Jeans, Nobody Denim
Bag, Balenciaga (Similar)