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How To Make It In Fashion With Melissa Bech

Commercial Director, Copenhagen

“I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. My parents are Danish, so I moved back to Copenhagen when I was 14 and I’m now 30, and still based in Copenhagen! I used to be the fashion director at Cover Magazine and most recently the brand manager at Norse Projects Women and NOW. Since then, I have ventured out on my own and I am one half of the brand Blanche—we do sustainable denim + RTW. I prepared myself for hard work. My advice for girls wanting to get a foot in the industry would be to keep focused and choose a path within fashion. And most importantly, remember to enjoy the path along the way! I graduated with a bachelor in design and business and immediately after graduating started interning and building my network and experience.”

“…My travels and all the people I have meet along the way have definitely helped me shape my style. For me, effortlessly cool is key—this means it comes naturally to you, which style should.”

“…I’m obsessed with oils! Right now I swear by, the Bioeffect Serum, lots of water (with lemon in the morning), and SLEEP!”

“…I love long tweed skirts, the 90s Prada sport look and denim-on-denim. I wish logo-mania would die ;).”

Instagram @melissabech | Photographer @siennarousseau